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I did not merge with soehlman.

He offered to gift his villages only after i had done the damage.

And still i lost a nuke and nobles after the mail saying he would gift to me.

3/5 is right though im not that good :)
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Well Done to the Top 20 Points players.

Again, need I suggest the thread be called Top 20 Points Players. There is a distinction you know?

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Everyone who has common sense knows this is for the top20 players in terms of points. I guess you have none. :icon_cry:


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^^ post the thread for top 20 players (not points based), start with who you think are 20 of the top players in the world, but wait until after my declaration thread is posted (should be shortly)


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Anybody here to make a top 20 rating againß :D

Two Nerds One Account..amzaing job guys, keep it up. You really impress me.


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That wasn't me. It was immunesoul that did it. Sometimes a barb is nobled for in game reasonings. I know why he nobled it but not really going to say why.