Top 20 Tribe Predictions


I still believe we actually are underestimating them, but not so badly that they're actually elite :lol: BOA, Skill, 3DX, etc, will likely destroy them eventually. Dunno who will get to do the final blow.

And still you don't consider us "elite" well i have nothing to add at this time, but time will tell...hoping to see the end before the end is even close that's foreshadowing and this is not an open and closed book, but i love to read....Ill read the rest in the funny papers as this is where this is going.....

Traderious shhhh!!! new secret!!!



BOA won't do anything. It would end up a DP and the empty villas out supporting would be easily taken. Making it super effective for Skill to waltz in and take a few more villas on the line. I'm more worried about getting recruited by the Hairy tribe than I am being attacked by them. The gap is too big and they can't even take out XTC...



And still you don't consider us "elite"

sorry to tell shagan, but i haven't seen any elite-ness in your tribe eiter. ofc you guys and gals may surprise w46 still and show amazing skills and hyperactivity

meh, it will rather take the empty space after quitting players

what's my prediction:
w46 will have 'old world syndrome" soon
players will quit even more - with 2 new worlds already announced. top accounts are getting too big to manage and the play takes too much time. 2nd wave of mass merging will start (or some aliances formed), era of elite tribes and spectacular actions will end. i haven't decided yet south/north or east/west teh ww will be
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players will quit even more - with 2 new worlds already announced.
Sorry Red, i know this is off topic, but netti could you direct me to where these announcements are. i am having some trouble finding them.