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Discussion in 'World 30' started by LordVincent, May 4, 2009.

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  1. verming

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    Excellent overviews many thanks, it certainly helps you get to grips with the bigger picture.
  2. Fraseryeah

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    It really does shit me to tears to see gicusan bash TWC these days. yeah they cheeted some and stuff, but at the end of the day, they were one tribe that seemed to dodge wars from bigger tribes like BD and THE. I read the writing on the wall when i was leader of crysis, something needed to be done to stop them in there tracks, and i was only ever mocked by other tribes, and my own tribe for seeing this.

    I hope RAM Smashes BD and THE into oblivian, and then you can all suck my fat one for being ignorant.
  3. Hybookie

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    Apr 20, 2009
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    Yeah ram beat BD and THE is about the same day you grow up just a tad. So I guess that will never happen :icon_biggrin:
  4. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    yeah, day that BD/THE beats Phoenx, is the day you grow up.

    I guess that wont ever happen, eh?

    (two can play this game, HIGHbookie....)
  5. Fraseryeah

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    I said "I Hope" never did i say it will happen. you grow up and learn to read properly before you shoot your mouth off.

    other side of the coin. THE and BD have little to no hope of ridding RAM of w30.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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  6. Hybookie

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    Apr 20, 2009
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    Ahh I see your trolling once again. You just love the attention is all paj. I kno you will come back saying I started it first blah blah blah but its not trolling when the comment was made about my tribe. I figured I would just save the time saying it now then you have you post a wall of garbage to clutter the forum :lol:
  7. Hybookie

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    Apr 20, 2009
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    Oh I did read properly. Like I said and will say it again. The day RAM smashes BD and THe into oblivion is the same day you grow up a tad :lol:
  8. Fraseryeah

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    grow up? because i said something you didnt like?

    you make me laugh who ever you are
  9. parmenion

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    Good to see you back around Fraser. This place was becoming somewhat boring.
  10. verming

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    NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency.... Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.... Our *four* *Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again.
  11. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    if I'm trolling, so are you.

    "it's about my tribe!!l"

    it's about my friend. Your still immature with no purposes to your posts.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
  12. Fraseryeah

    Fraseryeah Guest

    cheers Brother. glad to be back :) looking forward to the future of w30 .
  13. GM72

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    Lets start Again
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  14. GM72

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    1. RAM- At present No.-1. They also fight with BD & now Having war with Phoenx.
    2. BH - A very good tribe. It emerges very fast. over come the war with hammer and now in war with THE. Good gains so far.
    3. THE- Former no.-1 tribe. Having good potential but suffering from inactivity, they booted few players out. Lost their friend BD. Engaged in war with DECIDE & BH.
    4. Phoenx - A good tribe gain much fame after they beat BD.
    5. LoEN- Not much known ?
    6. ~B~ - Remains of former GREEN. They involved with almost every tribe in their neighborhood. Not in full scale war but in skirmishing.
    7. DECIDE- Prove its metal from nov-09 onwards. Survive the hardest hiting of THE, BD, GREEN & MF on the same time. See the fall of its allies Hammer & DN. Bounce back strongly against THE.
    8. Drift- This tribe is acadamy of RAM (May be i am wrong ?)
    9. D2- Not much known ? but this tribe is engaged with BD in Phoenx Vs. BD War.
    10. LEGI0N- Tribe is in war with ~B~. Not known much?
    11. S_P- Seems an ally of THE, sends attack on BH and support THE.
    12. TER:U- Not known much?
    13. UNM- Remains of BD
    14. SMURFS- Small nited tribe, BJ is doing good job hear.
    15. Rome2-Not known much?
    16. ORI-Remains of BD
    17. MF- There survival is definetly a fantasy. It proves that if you are not ready to give up it is very difficult to noble out the full tribe. Still there and now geting villages from gicu.
    18. NWO-Remains of BD
    19. L-A-Not known much?
    20. {FW}-Not known much?
  15. shaunc

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    lets get this thread alive and kicking again!

    I'll give this a go, Jubal this will be my honest and unbiased opinion for real.

    1. RAM- I like RAM, ever since speaking to some of them in Hammer, Chisp is also a real friendly guy. As for the tribe they look a solid number1 tribe. Curious to know what their future plans will be involving their academy DRIFT. At war with Phoenx. Currently warring with ~B~ and Pheonx. With chisp,noobs and karma helping lead them they shall do well.

    2. BH - My tribe. I've grown to like their drunking and sometimes ridulculas messages. <B

    3. THE- Hrmmm, I said I would keep this unbiased. Lets look at the facts. They're struggling with inactivity atm, I feel sorry for them becuase Hammer went through the same. But still their number1 in ODD and ODA, they have done something right. They have a good leader (JP) but theres only so much he can do, dealing with the inactivity and losing their ally BD, how long can he hold THE together. Only time shall tell.

    4. Phoenx - Love their PNP atm, Paj tells it as he see's it and doesn't hold his words. An agressive central tribe fighting against many enemies atm, They love to fight (WE ALL KNOW THAT lol) but have they bitten of too much that they can chew, perhaps again time will only tell. If they do go down i'd like to think they went down kicking and punching to the end. But its totally open, plus they thrive on a challenge.

    5. LoEN- a very quiet tribe, so this will be brief. They are currently at war with D2 atm. Alot of people think they have done nothing but I think its mainly becuase their that quiet know one actually realises what they are doing. Take the D2 war I only found out about that yestaerday. Speak more.

    6. ~B~ - Some say its better to be quiet rather to be made out a fool. They should take this advice on board. This north eastern tribe is at war with Legion F and Ram F and perhaps a few others. Old remnants of Green, It will be interesting to see if they can back there words up with stats. Good luck to them.

    7. DECIDE- Apart from my own tribe BH, this is my favourite tribe. Against all odds, they continue to survive and not only that fight back. Solid leadership and brilliant members. Its in my opinion that if our own tribes didn't exisit we'd love to be part of the solid family that is DECIDE. Anyway their fighting THE currently, they've just turned the tides and are now pushing furiously into THE territory.

    8. Drift- Currently academy of RAM, sure their academy ect, but they've shown the world they can bite aswell with a rapid attack on ~B~ members.

    9. D2- Don't know much about these guys. Currently at war with Pheonx and Leon, hard times ahead. Here's hoping they give it a good shot

    10. LEGI0N- Another family in w30. This northern family is at war with ~B~ and a few others. Friendly bunch, Unsure on their future in w30 though, here's hoping they can pull it together.

    11. S_P- currently friend of THE. Supporting THE and send the rare occansional Nuke or fake at BH. It shall be a fun last war for these guys. I hope they had fun.

    12. TER:U- Don't know much, Spoken to a few and their nice people.

    13. UNM- Remains of BD
    14. SMURFS- Not a clue.
    15. Rome2-Heard they're warring with Pheonx, I'm unsure ont his perhaps someone with better knowledge of Rome2 can tell me.
    16. ORI-Remains of BD

    17. MF- Best way to describe them as "They're just there", With bigger and more dangerous enemies they seemed to remained well under the radar. How long can this last ?

    18. NWO-Remains of BD
    19. L-A- anyone ?
    20. {FW}-huh ?

    I've said time will tell alot:
    "Time is life's greatest teacher unfortunetly it kills all its students"
  16. Kanipuppeli

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    1. RAM- NUMBER 1!!! But not to far ahead of BH. They are warring pheonx and tied up BD to help PHEONX win the war.
    2. BH - They are growing fast. Every time i look at the tribe dominance map i just see a huge green blob at the top of the world. They are going to take the spot of RAm as number one if RAM doesnt step it up.
    3. THE- They are being hit by a couple of tribes and losing.
    4. Phoenx - A good tribe.. Currently being hit by pretty much the whole south and nothign is really happening.. yet :D
    5. LoEN- Kinda a big tribe but not really big.. idk. They own a big part of the south. Skirmishing with D2
    6. ~B~ - DRIFT is at war with them.. or just snacking on them.
    7. DECIDE- I dont know much other than they are warring THE i think.
    8. Drift- Academy tribe of RAM.. Warring PHEONX.
    9. D2- Lead by coach who is a good friend of mine now.. They are currently skirmishing with LoEN and at war with PHEONX.
    10. LEGI0N- Tribe is in war with ~B~. I think.
    11. S_P- I have had a little bit of contact with them about a certain tribe i dont like very much :D (and no it isnt phoenx) Dont know much else..
    12. TER:U- They are by BH..
    13. UNM- Remains of BD
    14. SMURFS- Umm.. idk who they are.. I just know they used to be in the middle of BD and phoenx when they warred.
    15. Rome2-Two person tribe i believe.. currently warring with PHEONX with RAM
    16. ORI-Remains of BD
    17. MF- I think they have some remains of BD
    18. NWO-Remains of BD
    19. L-A- The academy of LoEN. Currently skirmishing with D2 and TDR
    20. {FW}-Has some remains from NTZH and what not. Currently warring a tribe no one knows about.
  17. calarasi.

    calarasi. Guest

    1. RAM
    No 1 in size, best strategy ive seen at them is: pretend is no one atacking them and nobling anything else than the enemy(they did this with BD and now with Phoenx)
    They seem to have 2 borders to defend but not handling too well the Phoenx border.
    They are a combination of good active players dedicated to the game.
    But we have to add here noobs, semi active border players with less skill and ODT that are bleeding villages to death to their enemy Phoenx.

    Surprised by their move against THE at that time.
    They seem at a peak of they activity this days.
    But they advance on THE seem to slow down a bit or its THE making a better game than at start.
    I dont know.
    Well they have some very good players very agresive.
    But they shown their weekness against DECIDE.
    Its known JP is not active on battlefields to make a difference.
    At the end what will decide THE existence in the next mounths is the morale, not the enemy nobles.
    4. PHoenx
    A weird combination of luck and skill made them afford make funn of no 1 tribe.
    I mean they cant be all hiper active and super skilled but i dont see anyone taking care of their Achile weekness.
    Too silent for my taste.They seem to have no late game project.
    Just random noblings and surviving from one day to another.
    They dont use the forum much.They look like the weekend fighters.
    Lucky to be safe from 2 sides of their border.
    They got lucky to see BH keeping THE busy so making them safe from north.
    Same stuff with Phoenx and RAM.
    Im afraid i have no ideea who they are and what they do.
    Other than losing to DRIFT if im not mistaking.
    7. DECIDE
    Still alive, endless battle with THE.
    They lost a lot of players.
    They have 2 things i like: they cluster themself very well.
    They get ridd of inactives eating them intribe no matter what other stuff pending on their agenda.
    I dont like peoples with no attitude(read: accept to be in a second tribe)
    They might have more skill in there than some other top tribes.
    Who knows.
    Ive seen them from inside.
    They are no match for Phoenx.
    Leadership is as whorse as Die. days if they have players recruited on Legion area...
    I never look too close at rimm tribes.
    At least at those with no attitude.
  18. Believe it, we are. It may be surprising to some, but with such a small tribe, it's pretty easy to find top notch, active players. We obviously have some who are better than others, but as one of our lower quality players, I don't feel there are many in W30 outside of Phoenx more talented.
  19. noobaxes

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    We have always been slow at starting getting caps, but don't worry, it will come en masse. Phoenx is one (major) focus right now but they are still not the main point of the universe. Right now, Phoenx is having fun at the new recruits in the southern part. The main RAM and Drift tribe is still untouched and unscratched. So be careful when you wave the "victory flag", it's still far from being the case. It's only getting started.

    I don't believe in luck for Phoenx at all... What does luck have to do in TW anyway? (outside of the one when you attack). Phoenx are where they are because they deserve it, it has nothing to do with luck.
  20. MR.MR

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    Well, we could just get 25% positive luck every attack... Then that would equate to survival assisted by good luck