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Discussion in 'World 30' started by LordVincent, May 4, 2009.

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    1 + or - place we can hope for decent talks :)
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    We have kept this thread descent with no flaming regardless of what ever comment you have had in the past.
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    Okay, since I brought this up from the past, I will try a "fair" assesment. I will do the first 11 (a football team :icon_wink:) only.

    1. RAM

    Number 1 tribe's "curse" seems to haunt them down lately. All top5 tribes are in one way or another "in nuke businness" with them. Currently at an internal dispute, termoil, active respected members leaving... Not looking really good despite their rather desperate pnp postings about unity and resistance to the last vill against all enemies domestic :icon_eek: or foreign ... @ War with Phoenx, Decide.

    2. BH

    My tribe. I will not comment anything more, than that I like being here and my friends from the past are here. Oh and guess what? It seems we old and new members are all here as if it was since the beginning of W30. Super? @ War with THE and S_P.

    3. LoEN

    The mystery of the southwest tribe. I think no challenge was given to them to prove anything war-like, but still, being rank 3 is an achievement and demostrates activity and some people who knew to start on the rim and grow somehow unnoticed. Latest evolution is their very very mild presence on the pnp. @ miniops with RAM

    4. Phoenx

    nough said :icon_wink: (okay okay, I will write sth...) Da duke and da players cannot and will not be rimmed in this world, unless they choose to. So, their enemies - currently @ war with RAM - are fighting a futile war (if they do fight it after all - I am not so convinced)

    5. Decide

    Stuborness and tribal coherence has made this small group survive major threats and turn the clock around. Now they think they can do more than their numbers assessment indicate that they could. We will have to see, if and what can be accomplished, with or without assistance. @ War with RAM (the story about fugitives - I do not buy) and doing pretty well against their initial declared targets. Also @ War with THE :icon_biggrin:.

    6. THE

    Some people who simply do not change the name of the once used to be nr.1 tribe. BH's main enemy since 1st of June 2010. We will not stop :axemen: . Take that to the bank :icon_neutral: . Seek new world :) Original THE leadership who we declared upon is nowhere to be seen. Good enough for us - np. @ War with BH.

    7. Legion

    Enjoyin the safety - as allways - of the north east rim. All the big guns are ablaze to one another and they get to survive. Indefinetly? Hmmmmm.... @ War with 10k players (constantly).

    8. DRIFT

    Academy of RAM. Same scope with mother - tribe. No further comment.

    9. D2

    I have no opinion, other than I am surprised they are still around.

    10. S_P

    Enemy of BH along with THE remains. I am surprised they have not all joined THE remains till now. Maybe a leadership issue... We will not stop :axemen: as well... @ War with BH.

    11. Celts

    I like these guys :) . They try to stay ingame, but actually they are "allowed" to do so, mainly due to distance and lack of nobles. Still ... @ War with ...

    Overall assesment of W30: There are not enough nobles yet, for any tribe to get colossal enough to take down half the world and start world domination. This probably lies in the late 2011 period - if not 2012. Good luck to all who will be around till then :)
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