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Hybrid always says more than any of us need to say... With a one two punch he always KO's.... Dont argue with him youll lose.


With HS 2 rules to apply :

1. HS is always right.

2. If HS is wrong apply rule number 1 !

Btw lightgod and I never been in Ru4x.
Does that means there is a chance you can agree with us ? ^^


Wow never thought this many people would rise from the dead, must be somthing to do with the end of the world nearing...


Jeremy, Googly, dragyness.... you're all just jealous. But that's ok, everyone understandably is.


Considering you are my pet fish who I keep by my side at all times...I very much doubt you are King of anything except your fish tank. :icon_wink:


You carry a fish tank at all times?

and people say I have problems...


Two fish were in a tank. One says to the other... "HOW DO YOU DRIVE THIS THING?!"


Actually jeremyleite was in T.D.E... but I assume your ability to read was one the traits that would have taken *TA straight to the top right?


My words mean nothing here, and that is mostly due to the fact that those responding or old Rx4U members if I remember your names correctly, so of course you won't agree with me./QUOTE]

I'm late to the party.....

I will add my 2 cents though.......

Your above quote is completely rubish.....I'll let you sweat the rest out.

Of all the tribes that have graced the 39th world, by far and hands down the best Leadership cast is the one winning right now.

A-21 (and I'm Raid Biased)

NOW back to The TA family.
You guys were mere meat shields used to help stack defensive fronts. The moment some of your members hesitated to send support to the front lines KD ate you. Then Just for kicks we took some of your accounts and formed a crap tribe to toy with KD.

Nuff (fishboy thats you) will tell you we spent hours sniping sloppy trains just for kicks.

The only person allowed to argue with HS and survive is me.....and I lost that argument in a horrible fashion.

He likes me so what do you think he'll make you look like for trying?

You're so lucky im not in the mood to flame anything....(fishboy that wasn't your Q to say anything)

Darth go back to your corner and take your pet fish.

He's been ignoring me.