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Discussion in 'World 61' started by angelgod1, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Everyone adore us :icon_rolleyes:
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    Go BTY. ;D lol
  3. I keep laughing when people talk about WASP because nobody has any idea im in it =)
  4. ... You! Mail me IG!! :icon_surprised:
  5. Lol done sir =)
  6. You mailed h0llygh0st didn't you? >_>
    I'm playing on Music Loving Chemist. CS =/
  7. Welll then i have not messaged you yet =P
  8. Ok, well a lot has changed since someone has reviewed the top tribes so I'm going to attempt to review the top 5. I'm generally not one who would make a post like this so please keep the flaming to a minimum:icon_wink:

    1.) Riot! with 38.429.322 points, 4579 villages, and 800.201 average points per player -
    Seem to be very stable with a solid core member base. #1 in war stats as well as ODA with a 10.1 ratio of villages won to villages lost. Positive image in game as well as on the externals. Recent war with Noodle has shown that Riot! has a very high level of organization as well as individual talent.

    Conclusion: These guys have been around since the world opened, and they'll be one of the two final tribes. 10/10 rating.

    2.) Impact with 34.729.589 points, 3845 villages, and 811.043 average points per player -
    Newest of the top 5 tribes composed of mostly ex-East members. Have since made a mark on the world by successfully warring the likes of XX, Censor, and now WASP. #3 in war stats, the highest ratio of villages won to villages lost with 10.9, and #5 in ODA, considering the relatively young age of the tribe though, this is still impressive. Respected image in game as well as on the externals (a big step up from East's public relations :lol:)

    Conclusion: Considering global position as well as organization and talent of the players, I see Impact being here for the long run. 10/10

    3.) Noodle with 25.415.184 points, 2947 villages, and 516.001 average points per player -
    First off, this is the first family tribe in the running. I personally have never been a fan of family tribes but I'll try to keep this objective. Recent war with Riot! has exposed flaws in Noodle dropping them to 3rd overall, but this isn't necessarily bad, Noodle has since addressed some of these concerns and "cut the fat" to make a more sleek and refined tribe. They no doubt have some quality players and the leadership has kept this group together this far. #2 in ODA and war stats, but with only a 1.5 ratio in villages won to lost. Seem to be overshadowed by Riot! in game and on the externals.

    Conclusion: Good tribe, but simply not good enough. It's only a matter of time before Riot! vs Noodle go for round two and next time, Riot! will finish the job. 7.6/10 (yeah that's right, decimals)

    4.) WASP with 24.502.358 points, 3164 villages, and 523.728 average points per player -
    Was a huge family tribe consisting of mainly WASP and MWASP. MWASP has recently disbanded due to the war with Impact and to be honest I see their sister tribe following suit within a week. Very poor organization, little to no leadership, and lax recruitment policies have been the down fall to the once largest "tribe" in world 61. #3 in ODA and #4 in war stats, but with only a 1.7 (and dropping) ratio in villages won to lost.

    Conclusion: Dead man walking. 5/10

    5.) Gians with 21.609.782 points, 2349 villages, and 540.245 average points per player -
    Another family tribe consisting mainly of the tribes Gians and G!ans. War with WASP has turned out to be a pleasant surprise, after going down early in the war, where most tribes would have disbanded and collapsed, the Gians family showed admirable resistance and came back to take a lead in the war even before Impact declared on WASP. #4 in ODA and #5 in war stats, with a 3.0 ratio of villages won to lost.

    Conclustion: Solid tribe, with good resolve and persistence, but all families eventually go belly up. 6/10

    These are just my opinions and do not express the opinions of my tribe :icon_wink:
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    nicely said :)
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    I agree with most of what you posted, but I will point out that Noodle isn't a family anymore (thank god). Tried it, hated it, terminated the experiment. It was a nice reminder as to why I hate family tribes though. [​IMG]

  11. "hate to say I told you so"

    [spoil]not really :lol:[/spoil]
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    Grr , noodle became a family reason because of a reason , but the peoples who gave the idea for it and was supposed to organize it went inactive , so it went to wrong direction and became a failure .
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    Yeah, we came to know as the counter war you declared using Rice to us... :icon_wink:

    You send villas now » Show statistics
    Riot! Enemy
    Because noodle was taken :( (disbanded)
    Sweet and Sour
    Steak Result
    Beginning of the war
    on 05.05. at 03:33:12
    Duration of war
    20 days 11:04:23
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    maybe some new review? as probably world have noticed that Impact is now #1 :p
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    Maybe you want to write a review yourself :icon_rolleyes:
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  17. I'm in Impact and I wrote a review :icon_wink:
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    A rather interesting one too, short but got to the point.
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    Somebody needs to write a new review... any takers?
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    Yes, we had our reasons. Mine were just not necessarily the same as theirs.

    Perhaps we need a feature where we can respond to declarations so people don't have to use their extra tribes for that. :icon_biggrin: