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Discussion in 'World 30' started by dragonwarriors, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Theres been alot of changes in the top 20 so i wanted to know what peoples thoughts are now

    1 boo!
    2 BD
    3 HAM!!!
    4 THE
    5 LeGeND
    6 T*F
    7 R.Inc
    8 T-W-C
    9 GRGods
    10 {TBD}
    11 DUSK
    12 INSO
    13 CTRL
    14 acaboo
    15 Boosh!
    16 -=TA=-
    17 Thr
    18 ~NEA~
    19 ODA!
    20 WORD
  2. Liquid C

    Liquid C Guest

    Looks the same to me.
  3. muboop

    muboop Guest

    well the top 3 tribes are so close in point, the only way you can realy compare them is by members and positioning around the worlds
  4. Fluffy88

    Fluffy88 Guest

    Since BD only have a few members i would think they are a very good tribe, but i know nothing about them

    Oh and because INSO are from w13, they rock:)
  5. Cy-Pres

    Cy-Pres Guest

    I assume this is just top 20 in terms of points?

    Because under other qualities, I'm sure KBC would be up there - friendly and supportive members, our quick wit, our skilled gameplay ... :icon_wink:
  6. jax010

    jax010 Guest

    BD, THE, HAM!!, T*F, and maybe boo! are the tribes to watch right now. Out of the seven tribe I believed would be big players in this world, 5 remain (=SK= and LeGend are gone). Other than that, no real changes.
  7. basaralife

    basaralife Guest

    its your imagination that =SK= and LeGend are gone....
  8. Adellion

    Adellion Guest

    Hehe, although one cannot deny KBC's defences against the GODs, many of the tribes in the top-20 posess the same qualities of which you speak, as well as the size to have increased quantities of these qualities.

    Ofc, there are exceptions to this. However, I name no names. :icon_eek:
  9. colonial

    colonial Guest

    BD are impressive with 30- players
  10. colonial

    colonial Guest

    please dont bring KBC and GOD into this :icon_confused:
  11. k9burn

    k9burn Guest

    I still see LeGenD up there...did I miss something?
  12. colonial

    colonial Guest

    we did miss their leader :)
  13. Liquid C

    Liquid C Guest


    No tribe in the top 20 aside from BD and THE has in anyway sparked my interest..
  14. Cy-Pres

    Cy-Pres Guest

    I certainly wasn't about to bring GODs into a discussion of top 20 tribes ... oh my goodness ... I was just making (kinda) a funny about KBC.

    Oh heck, never mind. :lol:
  15. Not really desperate to be cool so no, your not on this world so fuck off to one you are wanted on.
  16. The Tom who ate Jerry

    The Tom who ate Jerry Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2008
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    I am on this world and I saw the Pinkie thread as well. You're still the same old brainless nimrod. Just thought I'd stop by and give you a suggestion. Didn't know I'd have to bring the wambulance with me (pardon the awful joke/pun sorry)
  17. Floopy Pancake Left 20th December 2008 - 22:00 117

    Your account went inactive so you are not

    By the way insult me all you want, until the day we meet on tw and not only in the forum you cant say shit
  18. shaunc

    shaunc Guest

    Tribes i think will last:

    THE - watched them in world8, one to fear for the future.
    BD - Don't know them, but they impress me alot.
    T*F - watching them in there conflict with Legend seem good.

    Out of the top20 just now i can see 3 going in the next month, not going to mention names out respect.
  19. The Tom who ate Jerry

    The Tom who ate Jerry Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2008
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    I guess I'll repeat myself and tell you I'm on this world, dragonwarriors. I mean no harm.

    On-topic though, BD is one of the better tribes I've ever seen. I'd reccomend warring them now because they're only going to get stronger and obtain more villages.
  20. Then why is your account gone? lost with number 1 so come back with a second?