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Discussion in 'World 30' started by dragonwarriors, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. ansov

    ansov Guest

    well i am speaking about w30, dunno what happened before :/
  2. Junker.

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    Jan 1, 2009
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    @KBK are u reffering to the w20 GrGods?
  3. mastems

    mastems Guest

    Well, considering fact that there is only one player from original GRGods I would not say that we are bound to fail. At least when I read forum topics other than in off topic (thats quite rare btw) section I see that they are actually working hard.

    BTW Ansov, that phailbout was terrible.:icon_confused:
  4. Well So early in the world, only thing to say is.

    They are all noobs until each and every tribe proves them selves as either a war power, excellent negotiators, or even great PNP. Until then you can only judge them on the fact that they may all be point whoring.
  5. ansov

    ansov Guest

    Well i don't know how a tribe with ODA rank 7 would point whore at the same time, but whatever :p Just to set something straight: i don't like seeing and much more creating flame in the forums, but i can't understand people who judge without having an actual reason.

    Failboat ROCKS! :D

  6. that seems you do know our diplomacy list ?

    why do not you tell that to us ?
  7. Well can't you look it up yourself? Their was me thinking BD were good enough to work out how to look up their own diplomacy list, seems my evaluation was way to high. Shame really cause you were all ment to be such good players, i guess it comes down to the pick of the bunch, you must have been the raffle prize that no-one wanted and patani was the unfortunate one to take you home.

    Well i wouldn't be human if i didn't offer a helping hand..... Look at the top right of your screen they will be a option called tribe, click it, you will then open up sub-options and one of them will be called diplomacy. Once you click this option you will find yourself looking at the same list.
  8. spleen mage

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    Without avoiding the point this time, the question is, how could you possibly know BD's diplomacy list? :icon_wink:
  9. I don't know it, but i can give a very close guess.




    Am i right? well close depending on if they have managed to add HAM! to the list which petani hopes to do.
  10. Gicusan

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    Mar 4, 2007
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    that list is right in about 2 points. are you sure that your psychic powers are on tonight?
  11. Well not 100%.....

    But feel free to fill me in.
  12. JPohlman

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    May 24, 2006
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    Ooo! Ooo! Can you guess ours? Can you, can you? I'll give you a clue!

    There are tribes on it!

    ...I mean, seriously, anyone could just make stuff up and say that they've got a diplomacy list. They may even get lucky and get it right, once or twice. On the other hand, is some tribe even supposed to care that you managed to snake a copy of their diplomacy list? I mean, all it takes is one goofy player to get that info out. Its another thing if you're trying to say "oh, lookie, I'm on the forums," but that usually requires an accurate diplomacy list...
  13. Well let me tap into my psychic powers..... You have blonde hair and blue eyes?Your girl friend has brown hair?

    Ah, i'm getting something

    BD (depending on if that was one of my points on the BD diplomacy list, its either alliance of NAP)

    Please tell me i'm wrong, if i'm not you have seriously got something wrong with your face, try to fix it.
  14. muboop

    muboop Guest

    lets say you are right(and ur not, u have about one thing mabey 2 right there)

    how would you see haivng one ally and 1nap having loads of allies?

    how does that make us bad players and badly led?

    Player PineApplePizza
    Points: 456
    Rank: 37071
    Opponents defeated: 75 (44018.)
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    Villages Coordinates Points
    Pizza Hut 103|523 456

    are u for real??

    you are trying to judge BD?


    u started on the 17th of jan and ur less then 500 points..

    get off the boards
    stop judging others when you dont live up to any standards!
    stop being retarded saying that(according to your guesses) having an ally and a single nap means;

    and i quote

    "they seem to be lacking something with diplomacy, they seem to be linked with every tribe that shows some potential"

    so only two other triebs in the whole game show potential?

    ha ha ha
    get off the boards!
  15. Fine, i take your point i have to be active and play this game to judge BD.

    But i guess you don't talk to petani, cause thats where i got it from.
  16. Bloodhood

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Anyone feeling like predicting HAM!!!s diplomacy list? :lol:
  17. Sorry can i just jump back to this, at no point did i say you had a diplomacy. I said linked, many tribes have potential but the ones that show the most seem to have diplomacy or linked with BD. By linked i mean friendly and would like to get to know each other better. Which was the point which i was putting across, if you read the rest of the comment i then went on to ask the question of, are small wars the way to the top. Basically saying BD are avoiding the lager tribes and they will do for some time.
  18. brianhayden

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    Nov 14, 2008
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    well out of all the tribes in this world ive seen inso would be my favorite for the top they have brought all their best players across from world13 and loads of other good players from other tribes in world .
  19. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest




    Anywhere close?
  20. muboop

    muboop Guest

    see, this is where you are wrong!

    we arent avoiding anyone! we just arent near anyone!
    churches has changed this game! its no longer a viable choice to send 20+ hour noble trains to take a village etc, not when realistically against a decent player you can only keep what is in or near your church radius!

    i cannot think of a single person in BD, who has a major big tribe threat in their radius! we arent seeking to take on big players, just to grow atm.

    as im sure many of them are! when war comes we will answer, but why seek out a horribly costly war that could possibly cripple both tribes! especially when we havent a proper need to yet!

    in fact the only "big" tribes i can see warring at all really are t*f and legend... im assuming they share a border or something!

    and as for talking to petani... u do realise what tribe im in right? and i know exactly what the diplomacy is???(im assuming that is what you were refering to)