Top 25 Players


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People can update whenever.

RankNameTribePointsVillagesPoints per village
1 Liquid sword KING 4.96822484
2 Blue Sky AD 4.61722309
3 alex55545 WP 4.43022215
4 tomily EDW 4.38122191
5 bajak laut SLAP! 3.84021920
6 Copayn ~PW~ 3.48513485
7 Noble ~PW~ 3.42813428
8 Jolly Jumper SLEEP? 3.33213332
9 EL COCHILOCO Rated 3.20313203
10 Red Skull Rated 3.13513135
11 Ozzzzk ~PW~ 3.09213092
12 Bronski The U 3.04113041
13 ChillyAcademic Here? 3.04013040
14 wireman BAG 2.97212972
15 gunethon Arise 2.92812928
16 Forever Young ~PW~ 2.75412754
17 chunktheslayer420 Here? 2.74012740
18 DairyQueen Insane 2.69321347
19 LichLord3 Rated 2.65512655
20 sorin1218 STRIKE 2.65312653
21 du verlierst Rated 2.61212612
22 Voidemon human 2.60812608
23 PP bank -TFS- 2.60612606
24 Afraid of the Dark ~PW~ 2.58412584
25 FooF the Great WP 2.54812548


Point whores the lot of them (Y) especially blue.....


Yeah, Blue is the largest point whore I've ever seen.

I can't wait for nobles... my smithy is 20 and my HQ is 12, just gotta get my HQ to 19 so I can build academy. Then I'm gonna noble this 96 point barb nearby, even though there is an 900 point barb right next to it.

This move is calculated and will likely move me to rank 1.

What the noob?

Yeah, Blue is the largest point whore I've ever seen.

I can't wait for nobles... my smithy is 20 and my HQ is 12, just gotta get my HQ to 19 so I can build academy. Then I'm gonna noble this 96 point barb nearby, even though there is an 900 point barb right next to it.

This move is calculated and will likely move me to rank 1.
Need 20 hq for academy.


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Thought I would try to give a little summary on the top 10, obviously it won't be great as I don't have personal knowledge on everyone but might as well give it a go.

tomily - So tomily has been solid, been at the top for a long time now as well as being on top of ODA for a long time as well as being second in the world for overall OD. Tribe choice is an interesting one, I can only imagine he has a lot of respect for the players he is with & I can respect that. His latest village name 'my last village in this world' is interesting, I am not sure whether or not this is him trolling because I do remember him saying on the forums that his time is limited on this world, planning on quitting maybe?

Bajak Laut - So this guy was the first to noble a second village & he has stuck right at the top of the tables which is impressive. Looks like he has had an easy world so far as he is 157th in OD which all is offensive, being unchallenged isn't a bad thing as it's clearly working. SARCROW are a solid tribe, first in the world for OD yet 6th on points shows they mean business & I look forward to what they can do. I don't know a lot about him so not a great deal to comment on.

Innocence - Great player, skill level is obviously very high as well as his activity, he has taken both the plunder & looter of the day achievements, similar to Bajak relatively unchallenged & seems to have had free roam so far. Has a lot of friends around & likes to keep himself in the mix of things which seems to be working out well. Here? are a strong tribe & it's clear to see they will do well if they carry on going as they are holding their lead. Seems to have a few villages gifted to him, maybe I am wrong but no doubt he is in a strong position & a strong contender for first place.

G.E.K - Couple of internals from when he was in Rated & some easy nobles from when light fell but he is going strong, I don't know much about him but he seems to be doing work for the villages he is getting now with strong ODA currently in 26th position. The U are in my opinion one of the tribes that are probably under rated, I believe they have some great players & look forward to seeing what they can do although their position is not perfect. G.E.K has a great position, not clustered with his tribe & he has a lot of people to eat so no doubt his growth will be impressive over the next few weeks.

Jolly Jumper - This guy has honestly somehow passed under my radar, the lowest position he has held in the past 4 weeks is 13th. He has consistency & has worked for a good most of his villages it seems. Unlike most of the other top players he has also had to defend himself with his ODD almost equaling his ODA so from what I am seeing this guy is a serious contender for this world & I will personally be following his progress.

Out Run Ma Bullets - Little bias as this guy is in my tribe & a good friend of mine. ORMB is in a great position on the map, very out of the way & everything near him is pretty much free for him so expect to see him fly up the rankings. He has had a fair few internals & free villages but for the others he has worked for, somewhat easy world so far but I look forward to seeing what this guy can do in a fight. Fairly short as I don't want to be too bias or mention my own tribe.

Du Verlierst - fairly easy world for this guy, probably one the players who has received a larger amount of internals but let's be honest, who turns down a free village? Impressive gameplay, I have seen some impressive anti snipes & some other skillful tricks he can pull off & I will personally be watching this guys progress. Same as rank Innocence, strong tribe & looking to go far in this world. A lot of friends & knows exactly what he wants from this word. P.S Nick is Bae

Navro - I remember seeing Navro's name a lot earlier in the world & throughout as he has been right at the top the whole world. Impressive OD, been fighting a lot it seems & hasn't had it too easy as he has had to defend also. Had to work for a lot for his villages. It seems like he has slowed down on his other worlds, started to somewhat flatline so I wonder if he is going to put full attention into W81? Haven't heard much about his tribe, good set of players though I wonder if they will recruit, stay as they are or merge, we will see.

Power Ranger White - Notably one of The U's best players & it has been said a number of times. This guy is really impressive & I am looking forward to seeing where he takes this. 5 co-players noted on his profile which means this must be one of the tightest accounts going, good luck catching these guys offline! Rank 8 ODA in the world showing that they are not afraid to use troops & pulling their weight. Really nice cluster of villages, I see this being one of the top end game accounts. x7 plunderers of the day, this spells out micro god, keep your eyes on this guy as I expect to see Power ranger White stick around for a long time.

LichLord3 - Another heavy hitter sitting in 15th ODA. Recently spiked from 53rd position right into the top 10 which is no doubt impressive. Was in the previous rated tribe, moved over to Here? & seems to have found a solid tribe for himself. Not too much knowledge on him but with his recent spike expect to see more.

So here is a summary of the top 10, obviously it isn't that great as I haven't been watching them, if wanted I could keep an eye & do more updates on the top 10 players but we will see, enjoy :p


very nice summary
yes im quitting soon.
was a nice world. liked the settings
maybe will be back if will open anpther clasic world. (in a few years)


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It's been fun watching you play this world Tomily, clearly one of the most skilled one this world, all the best for your next once you leave 81! :)


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Oh don't worry, rankings are a matter of time and can be changed at any point, right Mike? ;)

We'll get there. Just been building up, as one can tell :)