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Current top 25 players:
Although rank at this stage is meaningless as currently rank is merely an indicator of how much PP people have spent its still good to see if the current players at the top now can maintain their lead or whether they will crumble as soon as BP is over.



It will be interesting to see indeed. PP is a part of the game, sadly...
It just gets more and more aswell a part of it, so its a strategy now a days to actually know how to use it aswell in the start ups.

These players ain't just good, they are very good :) As i guess the TEA party is aswell.


It is hardly brain science though, using pp to get your factories built quickly. I started a position up for the first time in 9 years and I nearly quit after I saw what Premium could buy nowadays! Still, it is clear that most players aren't powergamers, so there is still a place for folk who only want to use pp to manage large games.


How the hell are Luke Cage and Ned Stark even playing? One is supposed to be dead and the other in prison :O