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Good read, if/when I get time later tonight I don't mind putting one up. Will be missing a couple tribe and won't go into full detail for a couple different reasons. However I can post up some stats and some opinions to help get other people posting opinions.

Good read overall M&M.

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I haven't contributed anything in quite some time, so I've done a very quick stats-based and opinion-based overview of each of the top 4 tribes.

Rank 1
Founded: 8th April 2015
Tribal changes: 73
Recently took Rank 1 after the collapse of Gents.
High retention rate of members and accounts.
Very talented leadership in Hybrid Soul and Focalor with some excellent barons. I won't comment on myself!
Lovely internal atmosphere, the tribe still reminds me of the early HEAD and Agency days.
Exquisite PnPs - UBM and HS have a lot of magic in this department! :icon_razz:

Rank 2 Dest.
Founded: 21st August 2015
Tribal changes: 56
Entered the top 3 upon formation, and has remained there ever since.
High retention rate of accounts.
Coco seems to have the respect of the world for what she has done to bring Dest. together as a team. The Virus declaration will show the quality of their teamwork - I am looking forward to seeing how they do.
The Virus PnP was pretty sexy (structured well, lots of time and effort put in to it, good focus on the written aspect). I wasn't expecting something that good! :icon_surprised:

Rank 3 SIN
Founded: 9th June 2015
Tribe changes: 85
Entered the top 3 a couple of weeks ago after the demise of Gents (which their opening strike had a helping hand in causing).
Very good retention rate.
Angelo is a good leader, the success against Gents is a testament to that. I'm looking forward to seeing any major ops in the Virus war.
Currently the most vocal tribe on the externals :)

Rank 4 FBI (aka Gents v2)
Founded: 21st October 2015
Tribe changes: 85
Entered top 5 after mass-merging everybody around them (and trying to get more than what they actually got). Not entirely sure how this is 'moving away from the Gents image'.
Poor retention rate (all 3 top tribes have been around far longer, and all have equal or lower numbers of changes).
I do not believe there is any actual leadership ongoing in FBI. I understand that Darren/Gillian864 is a leader, but given he is playing on W84 I am assuming that there are activity issues on this world as a result.
I would like to see this tribe come together and give Regime a good fight. I said this to one member via mail recently, and got this response back:
"Keep dreaming mate."

I'm not going to rank the 5th tribe :)


Good Analysis :)

I'll go ahead and post my little analysis :X

1. Regime

[spoil] Rank 1, always was basically Rank 1 because Gents would inevitably fall and it was foreseen for quite a while. Amazing Pnp, set a tone for their playstyle and the world with the MvDC PnP. Dedicated member base, loyal member base, and tons of talent. Some of the best leaders hands down are running this tribe like a well-oiled machine with no signs of slowing down. A great bunch of people who play the game it was meant to be played and who truly buy into what leadership is doing. [/spoil]

2. Dest.

[spoil] <3 [/spoil]

3. SIN

[spoil] They really put the pressure and hurt on Gents that added to the demoralization of that tribe. SIN seems to be organized, respectful, and a good group of people working together. Nothing but respect for their main leader Angelo, and Noz puts out some ridiculously good PnP and posts. A vocal bunch with nothing but success since their beginnings, and looking like success vs both Virus and the previous Rank 3, FBI. They have put the hurt on VIRUS and are beginning to put the hurt on FBI. [/spoil]

4. Virus/FBI

[spoil] I lump these two together because as far as I am concerned and from what I see, they are just two tribes of people who have not/will not be recruited, so they formed disorganized tribes together.

I have nothing but respect for LOOK and Grinch, and I tolerated them and enjoyed talking with LOOK especially. But after leaving Dest and pulling a member over, you cannot expect to be left alone any longer. They did good, but their time is up.

FBI... FBI is a bunch of ex-gents banding together for survival, but from the looks of it they are not going to hold on for much longer.[/spoil]
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