Top 5 Tribes of W90


Rank 1 - BiP

Just awful. Apparently they are ripping off some crappy kids TV show from Australia? Curious to see how long they last once they all run out of PP

Rank 2 - TEA

A bunch of frogs drinking tea? What chance do they have of going the distance? About as much chance as an Englishman turning down a cup of tea

Rank 3- Dwarf

Rank 3 seems a little HIGH for these poor undersized little creatures. Enjoy your time near the top while it lasts

Rank 4 - BOW

This tribe is nothing to worry about, judging off the looks of these guys its probably their own blood on the walls. Have fun cleaning all that up

Rank 5 - ANTZ

Another Kirk tribe, need I say more? I'm sure you all know what to do

Enjoy hunting the noobs W90

Much love,



Skilled Soldier 2017
Looks like all you know about these tribes is what you could gather from their names... No facts or basis for flaming them aside from the Kirk comment. Lame commentary Kanye.


No, its great. For how long i did not love so much. Nice Job, and greetings from the Dwarfen Duke.