Top 5 tribes to suceed/fail


Since theres no talk about tribes well lets try something new, List the top 5 tribes in the world you think will be around, and the top 5 tribes you think wont be around in the future and please explain :) athis is just my opinion

Top 5 to fail

1) this is a no brainer Amarda, they have players in 6 different k's lmao and theyve been growing at a really fast rate as of late and only have 2k od points? somethings fishy and i dont seem them being around to much longer.

2)The whole Apoc family, a few of them already dissapeared and the rest will surely followa, theyre a bunch of noobs who dont know what their doing i feel sorry for the few decent players in there.

3)Im gonna say Sakali, tribes with academy dont know what theyre doing it takes great leadership to run a tribe with a good academy with great suscess and i just dont see it happening here, plus there in my tribes k which i dont see them lasting :)

4)-Aow-, i think its safe to say this tribe wont be around to long, there leader has played in everyone world since world 12 and is yet to noble a single village lmao, they have a horrible ODA which means nothing this early besides you have no farms :(
they are spread out greatly through k44 i just dont see them in the nearbye future

5)The 9, they have way too many leaders in there tribe and it only takes one argument for things to fall, i also dislike family tribes or tribes that have academys :(. they also have a highly bunched up group in k55 and most of them wont be able to grow :(

Top 5 Tribes to suceed

1) Win!, i dont mean to be bias because it is my tribe however i just see us going along way with the spread of the members able to farm throughout k45 and have a very solid bunch of highly experienced players,

2) Chill, i like that they arent mass recruiting like the other top 20 tribes. only one with under 38 members lmao and they have 33. they also are in a nice postion in k43 theyre members are spread out very nicely to move into k44

3) Wotl although they are spread out through 2k's eith 27 member theyre members are close enough to support if needed, They also are rank 5 in od only with 27 members so they must be getting some farms :)

4)Virus, looks very promising only 20 members decent od as of now, and theyre leader seems to know whats hes doing although managing 2 worlds with over 1 mill i dont know hows hes gonna handle leading a tribe, but if he puts his time in i think they will be a very nice looking tribe in the future.

5)LC, theyre are looking well and only taking the players who play the game the right way, they are lead by a good leader, however i dont know how he will manage aworld with 7+ mill and a tribe but if he has time to play both look out for this tribe in a couple months :)

This concluded the top 5 tribes to suceed/fail i was bored so i thought id do this, remember this is my opinion and we all have them.
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1. ARMADA (ARMADA)- They did it once they are going to do it again. While I have chatted with Hyunwoog and I think he is a nice guy, I just don't see them going far to be honest. It will be a repeat of 57 with them getting involved in many wars and basically merging with everyone.

2. APOC Family (APOC)- As you said above, they are already losing some tribes. Just don't think it is going to happen.

3. WORLD GODZ (!?!)- Already have an academy tribe and a family tribe. Not going to work.

4. Garuda (Garuda)- I'm still sticking by what I said when I made my list of premades. I don't think they will go far.

5. Where are you? (Where)- Just a little continent tribe that made me mad. I know who I'm targeting. ;) haha.


1. ZOMBIE (ZOMBIE)- They have just looked like a good tribe to me since the beginning. I think they will do well once they drop some of their players and actually start farming more people. They have too many members all clumped together in my opinion.

2. The Naked Tyrants (T.N.T)- They have the same tag (almost) as my tribe and I like their profile. I don't know much about them though. (So basically I picked them because they are number 2.

3. Beware (Beware)- Another continent tribe that I actually approve of. I see K54 coming down to them and ZOMBIE, TNT and ZOMBIE, TNT and Beware, or TNT, Beware, and ZOMBIE.

4. The Ninja Turtles (TNT)- This is my tribe. I really just put this in here because I think we have the ability to succeed and because I don't know of another tribe that might succeed. I'm not familiar enough with the tribes around the world to really pass judgment.

5. N/A

There's mine. Flame away.


I pretty sure BANNED will be around to, Wanna place a bet?


ZOMBIE are going strong not sure If the high OD has slowed growth but considering Mr.Yellow Is 1/9 of there total OD I doubt It.

Solo Players will survive till the end. :)


~RSL~has suddenly surged up the rankings in Points, ODA Tribewise, and Awards. And they have a real nice spread too. One to watch out for
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"Top 5 tribes to suceed/fail"

What's with the one tribe posts.


To fail:

1) APOC - obvious reasons.

2) NEW - another fail family. Just watching their players slowly fall down the rankings of K64.

3) Yakuza

4) K35

5) most tribes bundled in the core.

Win tribes:

1) Virus - My tribe, we will own all yall nubs ;)

2) ARMARDA - I like them...problem?

3) WinRAR - I haz that softwere. never actually worked out what its for.

4) ~RSL~ - name changes a bit. The run off Pacman tribe.

5) uhhh..... solo players?


I highly doubt RSL is the Pacman tribe. I know DaB quite well and he wouldn't lie to me. He said clearly that they didnt join and that he is going away for holidays.


run off, players who were going to join pacman started anyway and joined that tribe together.


hmm.. Maybe so. I got no clue. Either way they are doing great consideirng they started 2-4 days late



2). Win!
3). REPO
4). EPiC
5). SLAP

Also hoping my tribe DuRH? does well, but chances are slim.


1). All of APOC.
3). K35
4). E=mc2


this is verry interesting, because i will want to come baack to this in 2 weeks and see whose right and wrong. not gonna voice my opinion because i would probably be biased and dont know much about too many tribes yet.
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run off, players who were going to join pacman started anyway and joined that tribe together.

And those players will do what when pacman starts up in world 59? Kinda doubt that tribe got much to do with pacman..


Yeah, I was supposed to be in PACMAN, and I can confirm that PACMAN has most defenietly not started on this world ;"(