Top 5 tribes


Yup. Sure looks like DANES are dying, just like ODIN...

Stop putting words in my mouth. I didn't say they are dying - I said they are nothing tribe. Nothing you posted refutes that claim - why would I care if ODIN dies, I'm not in there.


They might join the war against OG2-OG3 by joining ODIN - RIMJOB, although then they'd probably be marked by ADHD.
If they war ADHD then OG2-OG3 could jump in.
If they war ODIN then they'd have to jump.

Tricky situation indeed.

But hell what do I know?
Fair assessment, and I think 100% guarantees of the outcomes depending on which way they steer their ship. Regardless, they'll be soon backed into a corner, but you know what happens when a dog is backed into a corner. It bites. Just wonder who?

Nevermind Who? is gone already. :D


Current top 5.

1. Sheol
3. -RIM-
5. Retro


You're supposed to give opinions on each tribe not just copy and paste the rankings xD


Satan Driver gunna win dis world so any tribe he is in is the top tribe .......


Okay so lets get this back on track!!

1. ODIN .... still around despite the ongoing "political drama" that has been seen in the last week or so they appear to be able to pull in members and throw others out like a PEDZ dispenser (mmm chewwy), their shield wall tribe will cushion them from the south for a little bit as well as taking in some more former OG members that joined RIMJOB, lots of internalizing happening even if the stats show tribe less for a lot of the captures in the past couple of days they are still internals if you control the accounts in one way or another.

2. ANA .... doing what ever they are doing mostly internalizing and a couple of barb caps, these guys have patiently been biding their time and now with what has happened they are in the top 2, I would put my money on them for end game at this time, I like that they have had a consistent team and very few tribe changes, reminds me of older worlds.

3. RIMJOB .... try not to be biased here, I think if the core players that have been part of the tribe stick together we should be able to make it to end game, a lot of changes with membership happening recently and not much trust with newly recruited ... no idea why?!! (this is my own personal opinion I don't speak on behalf of RIMJOB) ;)

4. Retro ..... ummmm a top 5 tribe?? couple of internals and mostly just feeding on what they can, nothing really exciting to type about sorry.

5. Sheol .... wow just wow, what a nose dive these guys have taken, granted they did take in some riff raff after said riff raff left RIMJOB, so one can only speculate there, I dont see this tribe being anything to write about either any more.