Top Points per Player Tribes Analysis


Since we all know you guys are point !$##s, let us talk about what really matters.
Here is a map of the top avg points tribes (which aided me greatly on my following analysis)

1. Ya Bro - Guaranteed threat...good spread, dominate area...look for them in the long run
2. Doubt. - No real dominance in their k, a lot of activity in their area and also spread out a bit thin....a tribe to lookout for but no guarantees
3. TRY! - Clustered but not too clustered, dominate their area...favorite in my opinion to win their k
4. -END- - Great spread thus far, favorite to win their k in my opinion (Look for them to make noise).
5. D3TH - Same as real dominance in their k or area...but I'd say better spread. Gonna come down to troops
6. JOINED - Having 6 members can only take you so far...
7. TBS - Cluster....cluster...cluster....terrible recruiting
8. ~GUN~ - Gonna need good leadership to get out of what is already a very competitive k55 but has the best spread of all in the k in this top 15
9. OGRES - A bit clustered not too problematic atm....intrigued by this tribe
10. Axe- Don't like spread but I do like Dwarven King...favorite to thats right, they don't really own one k.
11. TRUST - Same area as D3TH and Doubt....I doubt they get out of this.
12. #WREKT - Way too spreadt...also mass recruiters NEXT (Like a lot of these tribes aren't :p)
13. ~PB~ - Cluster mania...NEXT
14. Lif3 - Sister tribe of D3TH...good spread (esp. w/ D3TH)...entertaining area, still no favorite in that k
15. Wolves - This is a church radius world...that is all I have to say.

Note: I understand that points and spread aren't the best parameters to judge whether or not a tribe will come out on top but I can't see I do what I can (Also trying to spice up these forums a bit haha)


stealthy bad job you forgot flame.
I did no such thing...Flame are not on the list.

Also, I am not stealthy, honestly's insulting.

From what I've seen and heard of him, he really made a fool of himself multiple times.

NONETHELESS let us talk about the point w#@res of w76


Good Analysis. My bets on doubt to be first in the next 3 weeks.


Good Analysis. My bets on doubt to be first in the next 3 weeks.
My bet is that Ya Bro! holds it...they don't have much proven (I use that word with much trepidation) competition in their k.

I think k55 could definitely be Doubt's but there is a lot more distraction in that k. Watch out for ~GUN~ and Lif3 and D3TH.....I'm not too big on TRUST however

Seven Swords

Ya Bro defiantly will have dominance in their K as I don't see much competition over there..


The tribe that's not recognized at start makes the biggest splash


Good job Rose., for putting the effort to make externals bit more lively. Though, I still feel, we should wait to see ennoblements made by the tribes to see who really pose a threat and may dominate.


Haha! Phasey we gonna done good man, that Rose is just a flower, we will pull her petals off I'm sure ;-)