Top Ten Tribes and a prediction


here we find the elusive asalamalakum defending his meat from the myriad of scavengers. despite the name, the asalamalakum is not at all peaceful. in fact, it will often bare its venomous fangs at the slightest, even unintentional provocation. when it strikes, it does so with the grace, poise, precision, fluidity and wit as a mongoose. a mongoose capable of injecting a neurotoxin so powerful, that a single drop will completely paralyze its prey the moment it hits the heart. unfortunately for the prey, asalamalakum venom does not kill them, render them unconscious, or shut down sensory perception. the unlucky prey of the asalamalakum is rendered completely immoble as it helplessly watches the predator dine. it feels the fangs tear through its flesh time and again. it smells the putrid acidic aroma of its bowels being clawed open.

Haha that was good. Do more :D