Top Three Players: As Seen in MS Paint.


Let's take it from the top with the rank one player representing the P.T.G family.
DarknessCalls has adopted what I like to call the "Grandpa Simpson Strategy."

We will see how this works out for him as we progress with his OD scores looking good for someone who has nobled 20 barbs since world start. (6 of which are over 6k being fair)
ODA Rank 25
ODD Rank 410
ODS Rank 116

One thing to note is that he has certainly taken advantage of the destruction of PR and RAGE since coming into PTG with a large number of free caps (no ODA change although they do generally correlate with a large rise in ODD)

Typical of old people to be freeloaders eh?

In Rank 2 we have someone fabulously Wett!
Here we have Kekua showing off his artistic rendition of Arbok standing tall so that he looks all scary and intimidating.
Apparently the stance works considering Kekua's ODD score proving him fairly unchallenged.
Not to let that D go to waste, he has clearly been supporting players although I must say from the rank two player I was hoping to see a higher ODA rank. It appears that Grandpa Simpson has a stronger bite that this Cobra.
ODA Rank 126
ODD Rank 1233
ODS Rank 90

You'd be stupid not to see that in this instance Kekua has gained his rank via internals.
The Devil Monster, Anzix and particularly 300x are the biggest of note.
Kekua has only taken a single barbarian village.

Is it standing up straight? Or is it lying dead in the ashes of Rage. #SICKBURN

To infect us all with an STD at rank three, we have...
Hells Toy Master has taken an exotic stance in a flamboyant display or erotically charged interpretive dance.
The dancing tiger style of attack has also fared will in the combat department.
Rank 7 ODA is impressive regardless of point rank.
His merge count correlates with this. He has one player merged in. (Dauthi) with no OD rise.
The other OD ranks are impressive too. I would hate to be on the receiving end of this player. He is rank 24 overall OD (1.79 mil). Not a surprise with all those Co-Players.
HTM has not conquered any barbarians.
ODA Rank 7
ODD Rank 105
ODS Rank 96

More like... Hells Dance master ammirite?

There you have it folks.
The top three players, their OD and cluster strats.
I could be persuaded to do more but let's be honest all the good forum trolls where nobled out of the game for being forum trolls so who even comes here anymore!?

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I am officially taking fan submissions for cluster drawings on skype.
Good luck because Superbad's cluster looks like a Tribal Wars Cluster.



Great post! I may have laughed at more than one :)

My cluster is a funky shape, try it out ;)