Top Three Tribes: As Seen in MS Paint.

Lord Rudolph

A follow up to my previous thread. I'll show you some tribes now. Willingly a little bit less detailed this time because math is hard. But you'll forgive your old Gran right?
In ascending order, here are some tribes.

Final Fantasy fans will love this one but quite frankly it is genius.
Mutiny has adopted the Cactuar strategy. No doubt they will be darting around soon impaling their enemies with needles and such.

Enjoy this beautiful site.

Next up, the Korean Kangaroo. P.T.G (combined with P.T.G.)
Their no interview policy reflects in their cluster. Opting for an "idgaf" growth strategy.

Charming little fella.

Finally we have the Colossal Titan itself. STD, who in first place by far have opted to go for a cluster strategy that should worry anyone playing world 87.
It's not the space the tribe inhabits that is truly frightening however, but the black space.
Observe the secretion disc and pulsar of STD's supermassive black hole strategy. Sagittarius A, the black hole that our galaxy orbits at a snail's place is the only thing comparable.

Images from the Aquila 2041 satellite observing the construction of a Dyson Sphere around Sagittarius A that will be used to power the doomsday machine that will in turn fire a "laser" that will remove all P2W features from the plain of existence.




Are Wett recruited by STD? ;)
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Golly! This world really needs to get its STD problem looked at!


yp last time i heard wett was gng to merge with std


I wouldn't call recruiting 5 members a merge. Its size of regular number of recruits and not a "merge".


yp last time i heard wett was gng to merge with std

This is called recruitment, PTG recruited a number of members from PR and Rage which wasn't a merge why is this different?
Mutiny also have gotten recruits out of Rage again no different.



Chill bros let the guy call it a merge if he wants to lol. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me :3

Jk that actually kinda hurt himanshu :/ How dare you consider any form of recruitment to be under the giant umbrella of that evil word 'Merge'. My weakness.


STD are noobs why worry about them

They don't even have a family tribe