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I thought it is time to put some more life into W91 externals. I have seen some quiet worlds in the past but never imagined W91 would be so quiet having the decent number of great players/personalities around.

From experience reviewing top tribes sparks a good discussion especially that diplomatic relations are already formed between many tribes. It was a success on W90 so I hope you will react to it in a similar fashion. The only think I don't want to see is a dead forum.

My reviews will be based mostly on game stats, maps and information gathered from players (if available) and interviews with the leadership. I will try to release reviews for one tribe once a week but exact timing will depend on my work/life schedule but also how quickly the dukes will be responding to my questions. I would really appreciate if all top dukes participated. it will make the reviews so much more real.

As usual I would like to start with a little comparison of the tribes I am planing to review including CORP, SAGA, BeCool, Apathy and Edu.
I have a little issue with reviewing my own tribe (Apathy) so if there is someone willing to help me out on that one please let me know in game or through the forum. Otherwise I will skip reviewing Apathy and will focus on another tribe Invict or FIRM.

Now just to explain, I have picked EDU over FIRM as I feel EDU's point per player average is indicating they deserve the top 5 spot of the ranking and they would have it if they decided to recruit additional 10 members.


Looking at our first table we can see a huge point difference between CORP and the rest of the pack. The tribe has been in the lead since the beginning and there are no signs of them slowing down. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have EDU. who are focusing on smaller group of members. But their points per player average is much higher than average of all other tribes not mentioned here that are on top 10.
One noticeable statistic is a high number of tribal changes for BeCool. I thought they are not a premade and 135 changes might confirm my speculation. It is nothing wrong with it just simply show that they had to go through a lot more members to get the right roster.

When comparing the total gains CORP and SAGA are in the lead however both tribes have nobled 17 barbs each. Apathy is at 15 but it would be 10 if not for a noob One Last Goodbye who nobles only barbs.
CORP has already internalled 2 players while loosing 1 village early on. SAGA has lost and internalled one village while EDU had 5 internals with 2 losses.

Looking at farming we can see that BeCool is outclassing everyone at the moment. They have 11 members in top 100 of daily farmers with half of them being above 300k per day. Gran Torino has been unbelievable recently farming nearly 1.5kk on his own. On the other hand SAGA has been the weakest having farmed only 2.7kk per first 100 players listed.
CORP also shows decent farming, it is at the moment the most complete tribe.

After yesterday's performance by Gran Torino I decided to ask him few questions and he was kind enough to answer them in a very speedy manner.

*GranTorino thank you for taking part in the interview. I was planning to talk to the four dukes of tribes I am about to review but after your farming performance yesterday I could not resist to talk to you first.

Could you tell our audience a little bit about yourself mentioning your TW experience, any worlds you have won or great tribes you have played over the years?

I'm a relatively new player. I've messed about with TW over the years but never played any worlds seriously up until UK23 where I met my co player Kris. We're both primarily .UK players. While we were waiting for UK30 to begin we thought we'd kill some time over here.. We ended up getting carried away a bit, and to top it off with David Ruffin, looks like we're here to stay now!
I've never won a real time world before. I've had plenty of opportunities to switch to the winning side, at various points in worlds, but pride has always gotten in the way of me doing so.

Going straight to the point, how the hell did you farm 1.4kk yesterday? A lot of people including myself were pushing farming hard after the break but somehow you have outclassed us all? Could you talk a bit about your strategy or is it a secret? Is it based on activity, good farming area, amount of LC or all of the above?

There are particular tweaks I've made in my farming strategy I wouldn't really like to air in to public. (Sorry!) Other than that, Its a bit of a combination between having a relatively nice area for farming, and using my troops as efficiently as possible in finding the balance between barb and player farming.One thing I will say is farms don't find themselves. You want to beat your records? You need to go the distance. (No, I don't sit in front of the screen for 24 hours a day - seriously !)

Now moving on to your tribe, is BeCool a premade? The spread indicates you have been recruiting in game rather than starting all at once?How did you end up in that tribe and do you hold any leadership functions?

Like I said before, we joined here initially for a bit of fun while waiting for UK30, We don't know any players from the server so couldn't tell you for sure if BeCool started as a premade, though I'm pretty sure it didn't. They seemed the best option of team to join that was close. The tribe is well run. Lesser experienced players are looking for guidance and learning quickly, and as a team we seem to be working relatively well together. We will see how it goes as the world progresses. I hold no official leadership functions. Less stress ! : )

What do you think about W91 so far? We can see CORP dominating the rankings. What do you think about that tribe and your tribe chances of catching up and competing with CORP in late game?

W91 has been interesting so far to say the least. Over on the .UK server there is a player called Linukas who everybody knows will be #1 for the first few weeks of every world due to PP expenditure in the exchange, but I've never seen anything like the PP spends and real $$$ spending as I've witnessed on EN91, and hope I never will again. As the saying goes though - Don't hate the player, hate the game !

I feel like CORP is going to be here long term. The boost that a number of their members have secured with those resource packages so early is too much for anybody to contest. I think they will make diplomacy with SAGA and push west for an easier ride.
All I can say is I hope the players in BeCool will work as well as they have done recently in skirmishes when time comes for a real battle! As far as catching up on the rankings goes, we'll need another couple of months at least I'd have thought, same for the rest of the world


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Good review and interview. Hope you can keep the weekly routine. Agreed though... forums have been boring so far... Maybe in time they will pick up with some war banter and propaganda
Old worlder myself so quite a shock at the pp useage


Very nicely done. I expect big things from FIRM and BeCool. There are some quality players in both tribes. Very teamwork oriented.


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POINTS - 10/10

With 514,163 points CORP has a 200,000 point lead over the 2nd tribe which is extraordinary at this stage of the game. Mistakes Were Made and Zain are top 2 ranked accounts with 165,000 points. We also have ZixZaqoon, Dovev and tobi4981 in top 25 members. Those members apart from Mistakes Were made all must have used a lot of PP for growth as their daily farming is lacking. The strategy is good at sturtup but without decent farming those accounts will start falling behind unless they have very deep pockets. There are other members however who do farm well and it gives the tribe a core 15 accounts with over 10,000 points.


Looking at member list the tribe is maxed now. CORP has done quite a lot of recruitment since 13th of December. The white markers indicate all accounts that joined the tribe from that date while the black show the accounts recruited before the 13th. It is a clear picture that Sam is establishing two southern clusters while strengthening the core and the eastern front (Against Apathy and SAGA)

72 tribal changes are not too bad for a tribe that is not premade. There is a little bit of trial and error with recruitment but looking at other tribes it is all within the norm.

The tribe has recently recruited dogking2010 , Sum Ting Wong and Dovev all above 15,000 points. Those accounts are vital for dominating the continent in the future..


I had to do quite a bit of research to get to the bottom of CORP leadership. Sam (Mistakes Were Made) admitted that the tribe is not a premade and he was granted the duke role by the tribe founder. Kate (Malt Whisky) is his Baron and only council member so entire leadership rest on shoulders of two people. It is not a bad thing at start up, probably few more people will join the council in the future as the tribe grows and moves on to mid game. So far Sam and Kate have done some solid work on the tribe. They have recruited some strong accounts in strategic positions along K45 border. They have been working with two smaller K55 tribes to counter balance SAGA and Apathy presence in that region. They are controlling k45/k55 border to now grow deeper inside K55 to gain it's full control.

Now knowing Sam personally I have asked around and one of his tribe mates from previous world was kind enough to review him as a leader.
Quote: 'Sam seems to inspire loyalty in his recruits, many of which are new(ish) players. Although Sam has undergone some drama in previous worlds, he comes off as an likeable fellow that has forged tight bonds with his new recruits. Current he keeps a tight council with just him and Kate making the decisions within the tribe. He’s done an excellent job leveraging TK and TN alliance to help CORP expand it’s reach into K55. However, Sam’s recruitment seems to heavily favour points and position within K55, suggesting that he is looking to secure the South East quadrant. With many of his players relying on PP for growth, it still remains to be seen if his players are skilled enough for his tribe to win late game. That being said, CORP has done an excellent job with start-up growth and will most likely enter mid late with a solid hold on the South East.'

Whether or not Sam has what it takes to win a world only time will tell. I don't believe Sam has done it yet but it started very well for him on W91.


The tribe currently has 74 caps which is the best result among all the tribes. From those 19 are barbarian villages which is quite high (25%). However looking at the PP boosted growth of some members it make sense to noble barbs when they can be build up quickly with PP. Some bonuses for recruitment or resource production are excellent. Barbs do not have troops and morale becomes irrelevant so I would not see it as a negative thing, just a part of strategy. Their growth however has been affected by three tribe wide op they have carried against Apathy. Quite a lot of offensive troops were killed, even though CORP finally capped 2 villages from its ex member it was not worth the effort (troops, lost farming time, lost opportunities closer to home all for 6,000 points. But I give the tribe points for perseverance and coordination.

In term of location the tribe established a solid wall on K45/K55 border. Now with recent recruitment and nobling it has two separated clusters deep on the rim of K55. I am sure the tribe will try to close the gap gaining control of entire continent. EDU seems to be the only tribe with a good spread that can establish a wall cutting CORP of from the rim. I am sure CORP is aware of the risk and they will work to gain enough ground to finally break through.


CORP showed us so far that they are not afraid of fighting another large tribe. They seems to be well aware of weaknesses in their location which will determine direction of their growth for next weeks. Control of the continent would be the priority however the tribe needs to look outside of their continent. They have clusters in K54 and K45 where other tribes BeCool, Invict and Apathy and SAGA will try to fight for the control. The location of CORP will definitely make the game very interesting.

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Thank you for finding time to answer my questions. For start could you introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about your tribal wars background, any world wins, tribes you have lead, most recent world's you played?
Could you tell us more about the formation of CORP? I understand it is a premade, have you planned running a tribe on W91 for quite some type me or was it more of z spontaneous decision? How did you recruit your players, do you know them from any tribes you have Duked or played before?

Hello my name is Sam and I am best known on the incoming impact account. My other username is cy89 from W60. I have played many worlds. My first world being world 5. I have lead quite a few tribes nothing too much as I normally merge my tribe. This time I am here to stay with CORP. Most recent world I have played was W90 and anyone on the externals knows what happened there if you don't please feel free to read my thread there. It's called Not my cup of TEA.

Ok everyone seems to think CORP was a premade. It was never a premade it was a random tribe made by Tobias and Billy in the core with a couple other friends. Me and Tobias have known each other for years because of speed on the uk server and he asked me to relocate next to him so I did. The tribe was in a very big mess and I started to point things out , Tobias then just set me as duke and that is how I become duke of CORP and I turned it into what it is today with the help of Kate my Baron. I only know around 8 players from previous worlds.

CORP has been on top of the ranking from day one and it doesn't look like you are going to have a contender for the top spot for a while? What would you say was the key to your fast growth and outperforming the competition?

Why have we been able to hold on to rank 1 for so long ? I would love to say all skill but I cannot. PP has been a huge factor in CORPs growth there is no denying that, but pp only gets you so far. For example look at what happened to Otto he was a rank 1 player with pp but was easily nobled. CORP has been based around some very good players and I am honoured to be there duke.

Looking at CORP stats everything looks very solid, good farming, highest point average per player, low tribal changes but then 17 barbs nobled out of 67 gains (25%). Could you explain such high number?

Ok yeah we have 19 barb conquers and I am not ashamed of this. No matter what people say barb nobling is part of the game and always will be. My reason for nobling barbs is because of the huge issue with morale. That's all I need to say on this subject.

Your tribe has an interesting spread being located mostly in K55 but having players spread out across 3 continents. How did you come up with that spread as a premade? Don't you think you will have hard time running diplomacy with that speed? Isn't it a weakness having an isolated cluster in southern K54?

Diplomacy has not been a problem because we have dominated so far and for the time being I don't really want to comment on future plans. As stated before we are not a premade so we are currently recruiting gems out of the mass. Reason behind the recruitment in K54 (K55 border) is to get K55 nobled up ASAP. I like the tribes spread and I think we have a very strong spread time will tell I guess.

Your tribe have been very aggressive in K45 against south eastern Apathy cluster. You have run 3 ops now, you look very determined? May I ask what's behind that determination to wipe Apathy out of there, is it due to pure strategic reasons or more personal knowing Jasper is there?

Ok K45 the reason CORP has hit that area quite hard is because I know what the tribe Apathy can do. Why would I let a very good tribe grow next to my members that should answer that for you. We have capped 2 villas and quite frankly I hope this rhythm can continue , good job Apathy on defending.

CORP is without a doubt the strongest contender to dominate the world so far. Who do you think might be your greatest rivals down the line?

Corp have dominated early game and who do I think the biggest rival will be ? That is a very hard question because so much can happen so quickly. I think the biggest rival For Corp at the moment is Cool. Very strong tribe.


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Really good read, thanks. If you had the time it would be great to see one for FIRM as well, given they are a top 5 tribe. They are quite far from my location (K54) but I always find it interesting to see how things are panning out across the world.


Yeah, FIRM back stabbing us while canceling the NAP , expect respone :)
Yeah, I'm not too filled in with what's going with that. I came into the tribe sometime on New Years and tribemate asked for help on a BeCool member. Anywho, that's the game I guess. It'll be interesting to see how everything plays out! Best of luck to both sides.

On topic though, I would love to see one of these for BeCool and SaGa!


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Everytime we noble one of you,he is getting kicked few mintues before
KEEP YOUR WAR STATS CLEAN. that's the most important thing


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POINTS: 8/10

With 462,231 points the tribe is ranked 3rd losing the 2nd place recently to BeCool which has now a 30,000 point gap. The difference between CORP and SAGA has increased to over 400,000 points. In terms of growths the tribe points increased on average by 27,638 since 29.12.16 while BeCool had 28,742 per day and CORP 41,045.

There are 4 accounts in top 25 of players which is not a bad results. Razzald (5), Stradd3rs (7), tafsound (18) and sainters9 (21). Those players have nearly half of points in the tribe with 41 out of 139 villages. All those by sainters9 are exceptional farmers but I am guessing they have spent some premium points as well.


The tribe was formed around 9 players that have met on previous worlds and started in the core with pre-registration. They have maxed out within next 7 days and made a big clean up on the 7th to 9th of December removing 10 players. Since then quite few members left and joined and it looks like the tribe has finally settled down in January and is now focusing on more strategic recruitment.

In the last few days they have gained 3 very strong members: MJJH, whiskey sour and Sandrajmb1. Those were recruited deeper within the continent to fill the gap between the southern core players and more isolated ones towards the rim. If the tribe is to continue recruitment in K45 they will have to make some hard choices to free up some room for new comers.


The tribe has entered world 91 with a stable and experienced leadership which has been the key to SAGA success. They have a very experienced Duke returning after 3 year break full of enthusiasm and crewing for the win. He is supported by a 2 other council members which is a perfect number for a tribe at this stage into a game. The leadership knows and trusts each other and that is very important for stability in the tribe. The leadership have not made any noticeable mistakes so far also avoiding any major conflicts.


The tribe is growing at a steady rate of 2.9 villages per day since the first ennoblement. Out of 92 villages SAGA has captured 20 barbarians, 15 tribe less villages, 8 internalls and 49 villages from other tribes. It is decent to have over 50% of caps taken from other tribes.

Looking at those 49 caps 11 have been made from TLK, 3 from LDK and TMP but the most interesting are two gains from Loyal which is a tribe 30 members and 197,000 points. The tribe has lost villages to CORP and SAGA which might be indication that both tribes will continue attacking Loyal from two sides. BeCool might join the feast as Loyal fills in the gap between the top 3 tribes.

In terms of Location SAGA as a pre-registered tribe has spawned in the core of 45th continent (North-East). It has been recruiting along both sides of K44/K45 line and deeper into K45. The tribe is bordering Apathy on the K45 rim, it has CORP south of K45 border and BeCool to the West. SAGA’s north east cluster is mixed with villages of TK and we could already see some frictions with one of TK. Villages captured recently. In the core SAGA has been competing for the ground with Loyalty and the tribe is most likely to be targeted in the future.


Looking at SAGA’s leadership and the roster I am confident the tribe will continue thriving and it will dominate the core of K45. There is still plenty of room for growth and the tribe will have another 6 weeks of easy growth before it will be forced to fight a stronger tribe. Diplomacy with top tribes in the region should be done carefully. CORP has been pressuring Apathy and Edu/Bench/28 and it gives SAGA opportunity to be the leveraging tribe. Or it could decide it is the right time to put pressure on CORP and team up with the rest. After all CORP is without doubt the biggest threat for anyone in the core. Giving them time to grow might not be the smartest idea.

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Could you introduce yourself and talk a little bit about your TW experience over the years. I am particularly interested in knowing your leadership experience and if you have any world wins in your resume?

Hi, I'm Mark. Started back in w4, which seems a very very long time ago now! Rarely played my own account after the first month or so of a world. Rather, I often moved to co-play others. I've not played TW for about 3yrs, but came back to w90, just to get a feel for the changes in gameplay, then started on w91 properly. Main objective was to form a strong group of players with excellent leadership and I think we've done that very well. The council have a great balance of personalities and our members are incredibly supportive of us and each other.

Moving on to SAGA, how did you come up with an idea of making a tribe on W91? Was it well planned or rather spontaneous? How many of your current members did you know before starting?

Decided to bring some mates from w90 to 91, but only a handful. It gave us a nice core, but it wasn't long before we really put effort in to recruiting the players we wanted, the right players for the type of tribe we intended to become, and now are. Like I said, we've a really strong, tight group that I'm immensely proud of.

SAGA is our 2nd strongest tribe and in terms of caps it has a very good growth similar to CORP. However when we look at points of both tribes they are world apart. What do you think is the reason behind that gap?

From the beginning we've emphasised that none of our members will be judged by how many points they have, but rather by activity. ODA and farming are important, as are troop counts. We're also not particularly PP pushed as a whole, so it's all a bit misleading, when points only are reviewed. That said, I'm not disappointed at all, we have a great group and they are doing very well. The difference between CORP and ourselves is fine with me at this stage.

Having good location is often half of the success in being successful at startup. SAGA is wedged between CORP and Apathy. CORP has already crossed the continent border fighting Jaspers tribe. How do you feel about top tribe coming to 'your' continent?

There's always this view that a tribe should start by 'owning' a continent and yes, it makes it easy to focus, but in the long term, what difference does it really make? We know where we're strong and we have a plan

Don't you feel your growth might be quite limited in the future. It looks like you might be cut off from the rim and under pressure from CORP in the east of your K? How do you see your tribe growing under such circumstances?

It's far too early to worry about room to grow, there's plenty right now and I don't see that changing. Like I said, we have a plan and it's coming along very nicely thanks to some great teamwork.

Like CORP your tribe has taken a significant amount of barbarian villages, is there a reason for that?

Well I've not checked the history behind the CORP barbs, but I can tell you that most, if not all, of the non-bonus villages we've taken were players we cleared early in the world. We started very aggressively which means we made lots of players restart, hence the appearance of barb-munching. Besides, strategically, sometimes a barb or bonus is the right target. We have rules about the process, so I'm pretty comfortable with the way it's going.

Looking at your tribe farming it is rather weak for a tribe of your status (apart from your top account) how do you plan to sustain fast growth if all other top 5 tribes out farm you?

I'd have to disagree that we are weak farmers compared to the other top tribes. If you take players in the top 100 resources plundered in a day, Saga have 8; BeCool 8, Apathy 7 and CORP 10. If you also look at villages plundered over the top 100, again, Saga have 8; BeCool 10; Apathy 8 and CORP 5. So I'd argue we aren't "out farmed" at all; in fact one could argue that our farming simply reflects our position as one of the top tribes.

Finally if you had to make a prediction, which tribe is your current favourite to win the world and which will in your opinion dominate the remaining three quarters?

Too early to decide a winner or who will go on to dominate, but rest assured, Saga will not be fading away and we do have the members and skills to win. That said, we're entering a critical phase now, where you'll see CORP, BeCool, Apathy and SAGA all targeted by lower ranking tribes. The next few weeks will really show us the true strength, or lack thereof, of the current 'top tribes'