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The Beyonder

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Nice declaration , but disappointing it was only this 30 secs video , but hey .. Simplicity.

It was a bit surprising .. One of us joined you guys for whatever reason he/they had. And we have been busy with other wars while you were planning since day one and playing the nice guy. And trying to recruit my members.

Those caps .. Good work with them.
Would be good to mention how we jumped to rank 2 odd yesterday and how you made our one and only.. the willow rank 1 OD.

Oh and a friendly advice, you could use scouts while making fakes you know..

Very useful to make fake scripts

Because honestly ..

Early stats means nothing we know that here in invict :)

Apathetic h0llygh0st

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Apathy's been quiet? :p I suppose.
Though what we've been doing is no secret. Ever since Corp's first OP on us (me) we said we would bide our time and grow, I'll turtle and be our front and the rest of my tribe grows until we can start attacking them back, in a proper way.

Are we there yet? Who knows. But Corp knows we're coming :) There can be no peace.


I would have thought Invict would have given Yahoo! a good fight. Looks like Yahoo! is destroying invict easily..


Your tribe is up 15-0 against Invict. That's called ownage.


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Anything can happen, may be due to inactive frontline accounts or general weak players

If the lines are pushed back to Invictus' stronger members, they may be able to make a stand.
Looks like they've been doing a whole lot of defending but not much attacking, I'd expect an OP to happen soon if one isn't already under way.