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There is a new quest, nauz. Its for the royalty event, requiring you to attack a cave. The reward is one of whatever unit you would need to defeat the monster discovered. The trick is to hit a set of caves as soon as you get spears before the quest is made visible, so you can choose a lcav monster as your one cave when you get the quest.


He knows, he was misunderstanding Psyloo saying that 'somebody' has completed "The cavalry is coming" quest and gained the 10 sc reward.

On the subject of the royalty event tho, that is clearly exploiting a game mechanic in a manner to which is what not originally intended, or if it was intended, very poorly designed. But then, with free market sending enabled we have to assume restricting exploitative gameplay isn't top of the agenda.
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wtf free market sending is enabled? :O
i didnt even check and just assumed that they would have traded with ridiculous offers...


Dear god. Bad enough the paranoia about revealing troop counts and building levels, but now we're supposed to fear people knowing how much we've farmed?

If people knowing any of that info puts you at a severe disadvantage you never stood a chance anyway.
All I said was that there is the possibility of being put at a disadvantage. There are a lot of new players all the time. Many of whom would not stand a chance against experienced players. It was just a reminder for someone who is new and might not even realize their neighbors could see them post and use it against them.

Anyways. 4,661.


[FONT=Verdana, Arial]13.946, its a bit slow though, a lot of 6 / 6 / 6 hauls :)[/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Arial][/FONT].

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Hey guys,anyone knows aproximately after how many days bonus villas get their wall to lvl 1


Best to be safe and send all you have to reduce losses! Save the spearleader save the world!


Jesus man be careful nobody know if morthy reading this chat he just might noble us all and reset the world.....


Getting an 850/850/800 report as BP has ended is quite nice as far as my crappy farms have been going :p

Snipe This

Hello Andy :)

I am only at 7k but 3k of that is just from today and its only 12 so farming has definitely picked up for me. It must be all the axe I built :lol: