TP Declares on Uni - Bacon Time


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The Trash Pandas Declare war on UNI

Too long has your recruiting of accounts solely to wall us off gone on! Too long have you threatened us on the externals! Too long have you nobled barbs! Too long have you oppressed Porky!
It's time to stop! The Trash Pandas have some more trash to eat... And it's unicorn flavoured!

Insane disstrack by Chris Smurfy:
(Lyrics mostly by Porksword, ENHANCED by Chris)

*trash* Panda

*trash* Panda, Panda, Panda,


We got NUKES in El Alpha

‘Cruiting rams, cav, and the axes

Barb-e-lers and the rim noobs

Hitting em hard with all offence

Uni, beta

World winner, that’s a trash panda

Uni “out” like I’m Martin

Hundred trains, hundred war caps

Uni, beta

Trash panda, alpha

Hauls swole, LC

Sellin’ res, pp

Man I'm the Alpha like PORKY

The choppa go Skill’ Soldier (pronounced Solja) for Pauly

Kalix Brotha Begging dont hit me,

Hope you noobs understand me


To my dearest of Swedes
Its time for the panda’s to feed
Its been a ride; lots of fun
Now its time to smash hulkjohnsson

Sweden has a history of losing
You lost to France, Russian and the Prussen.
You are not born to fight
You couldn’t even colonise America right

Swedish players are not what they seem
Its time to face a proper team
Bob, Lego and timothy mus
We’ll fake you till you start to cuss
When our nukes land, they land big,
Once you’re done we hit loot pig

I actually researched you Alex, to you I say goodbye
Because this world Jon ain't sitting this guy

Everyone in TP has beaten Kalix before
Myself, tucker w0sh and more.

The talk is done, to the line we’re sprinting
Are you going to reply because sorry I’m minting.

-Poem by Gill

P.S. Alpha does not endorse this message.

Good luck both sides, and may the fun begin.

Bacon Time

*The crown jewel of our PNP is not yet complete. W106: Endgame (might be?) coming soon to a tribal wars external forum near you GET HYPED*​
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haha Good Declare.
Just wanted to know that I dont play TW but I check W 106 everyday to see TP vs Uni.
honestly I did see nothing from TP yet.
you guys started a war vs *GranTorino and em should i say you got almost nothing?
I think players skills are similar, strategy and tactics can show us the winner.
yet Im a TP fan.


Porky is a big fat liar :eek:

TP hasn’t done anything yet, I think our fight with them will be a good one. Although I’m glad my Timothy mus acc is so backline I’m a bit scared of TP’s big accounts

This is even more strange, Alpha afraid of his own tribe? Will TP be the next 3301? #salvadorWALL-E


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No I’m in uni I’m just pretending to be in TP To create content on these dead externals. I copy and pasted TP in game Dec cos they took ageeeessss to make it on externals..... duh



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Trying to wind up a group of Swedes? Clearly, you don't know us well enough ;)

Allow me to educate you;
I dunno Timothy seemed pretty provoked when he said he’d murder my whole family. God coplayers can be rude I guess.