TP Declares on Uni - Bacon Time



Yikes. Another obsessed, boosted italian monkey who thinks I care about losing an irrelevant HP round lol.
Obsessed? ha ha
I don't read forums much. But whenever I log its either you or one of your stupid Catfish friends spoiling the forums with your saltiness.
Ofcourse HP win was irrelevant for you. Do you know why? Because you LOST IT lol


Considering Uni is up 1600 caps and you're only positive 24 war caps in 3-4 months of war its pretty funny for you to be flexing the most after having done the least :D

Holding the FL with KID was funny...but im still positive...and we win here :D

Who laughs the last, laughs the most :D


Gj Final/Kpap/alpha/Tomaraya
I wish uni invited them, they deserved to be in the winner tribe.
Kpap already deleted his acc.


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I have showed that too. Atleast i didnt jump 3 account and failed. So sad haha can just defend and not grow :(

Lmao good odd but what did that help kreiz? sKiLlEd sOliDeR 2018 lmao.

Edit: Not mad just disappointed:rolleyes::cool:

Shoutout to the boys (and girls) in Uni who've had to put up with your "special needs" division in the north. Dont worry only another month or two til its over and done with, then you wont have to talk to "Toxic Tim" again :D
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Shoutout to the boys (and girls) in Uni who've had to put up with your "special needs" division in the north. Dont worry only another month or two til its over and done with, then you wont have to talk to "Toxic Tim" again :D
Lol a dad using cringe. Lmao go and do your tw work :)

Toxic? Are u not the one that have complained about everything 24/7? And have been jealous of other members in our tribe but couldnt do good job like them.

We atleast played on our account not like u jump around.
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Hello beautiful w106 nerds.

I've decided to quit this world. Reason being is that when i decided to 'play it out' i was anticipating weeks not months of playing. However given how these are the stats for the past 2 weeks:


I'd kinda prefer for my sanity if not my dignity to cut this timesink endeavour short. The way the world is currently playing out im 99% certain i could drag it out for at least another month or two just by bleeding frontline and taking more barbs/internals in the back but thats probably too much even for me.

Im guessing the only reason that im able to keep the account afloat somewhat even with 0 dodging (free oda for everyone) and lazy management is because Uni players are really stepping off the gas and on autopilot mode rather than me doing anything particularly. This isnt to throw shade at them btw because literally everyone does go on autopilot at this point so there is no shame in that. I know there isnt much credit in tryharding against people who stopped caring so dont read it like that. This isnt to brag or shout how good i am. The stats are as they are because thats just the way the world is currently progressing and the way the account is setup with its inventory its just an OD farm because it has literally perfect paladins and endless buffs etc etc.

Figured i could say a lot of things regarding this world and this war and the people playing it etc etc but ultimately there isnt much point because i doubt anyone except myself really cares. So i'll just end it by saying gg to the winners (UNI) and commiserations to the losers (TP) I'd like to thank all my tribemates and friends for playing this world alongside me and thanks to the players in uni for making it fun at times. Special shoutout to coplayer jon for sticking by me for long beyond what he would have preferred to do so.

Also like to give special mention to those 'people' who:

Either ignored/ghosted my attempts to help them (nice)
Or, deleted their accounts without any conversation at all (thanks)
Or, decided to blame me for the actions of third parties that i have no control over (zzz)

Would have thought with a cyclical game like TW that people would realise that sort of behaviour only comes back to haunt them in the end but apparently not. Oh well at least i have something to do in the future :D


Forgot my Shaun shout out - number one for meme content

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