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  1. tazntown917

    tazntown917 New Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    can villages from another player who is quitting the game be transferd to me?if so how is this done?
  2. LordKylar

    LordKylar Guest

    you cant tranfer villages mate you have to noble them as in create an academy create nobles then go and noble the village

    if there is a tranfer option then i believe it has yet to be discovered by the users and creators of tw
  3. KillerKommando

    KillerKommando Contributing Poster

    Nov 15, 2008
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    Quite correct. In order for someone to 'transfer' villages to you, it must be done via nobling. There is no other way to transfer villages, willingly or not.
  4. alfonso625

    alfonso625 Guest

    there is no transfer but there is a gifted account..

    Gifted account is different from gifted villages..
    gifted villages is given ingame, however, the gifted account is you must choose between your account and the other account, and what you'll choose is what will you going to play starting from the moment you choose. Or you can find someone close to you, your friends or others to play that account..
  5. The question was answered above, but to reiterate for clarification purposes:

    1. There is no way to transfer villages between players. You must noble the village.
    2. That said, it is perfectly legal to clear out your own troops so that someone else can take over the village without losses.

    Any further questions can be asked/answered Here

    Moved to GD and Geschlossen.
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