Transformers Announcements; A Message to LeGeND...

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.Optimus Prime.

So, it's me again, .Optimus Prime.

I have been waiting for this moment a while now. Not too long ago, infact, about a week ago, LeGeND had nobled 1-2 of our villages. I contacted their leader and it was obvious they wern't going to stop. Our member Moju Warpath (Alias ;P) had attempted to noble Ubto with 2 noblemen, something around 400ms, and surprisingly, they managed to stack and snipe. All offense was lost, well most and they split the train, all nobles were dead, all offense. Moju Warpath, with that negative feeling inside had decided to quit.

It took me several hours on Skype, using every little thing inside me I had to bring them back, and they did. So, Nergal661 (My member) had been nobled and they were bragging about it on the forum. So it was time I took action, I told my members to prepare, planned several possible scenarios which could happen, spent several days doing my individual planning of exactly how we were going to play this out, and I decided, today we would declare!

So, I decided, being Turkish, I knew pride and honour in our culture is a big thing. What better way to have the 1st ennoblement, done my....Moju Warpath! And so that's what it was. Moju being a beast from TEST W23 (and that Sexy July ;P), I let them start.....

Clearing wasn't enough. Anyway, I knew Ubto would have something up his sleeve for us. The Moju account had 1 coming, a counter attack. We prayed for the best but prepared for the worst. Thanksfully, our prayers got through to gods mailing system in time and the attack, was quiet frankly, a Trycon style suicide (I <3 you Sean :D)....

Things went accordingly, the noble train was sent and justice had been done. I saved this report and will look back at it and reminice (I can't spell ;D) at the great moment.

Anyway, previousy, I had asked KaSeM.34, Diplomat of LeGeND to work out our problems and have them cease attacks. Now, I knew and was awaiting a conceited response. And what did I get? A conceited response! I'm not exaggerating but his response, I found, was....let's just say they picked the wrong person for the job;

Regarding recent attacks said:
KaSeM.34 on 18.01. at 20:42
1. Garve and Neonix will be farm
2. We are Legend. Everybody can against to us. but we are stronger than you.
3.what do you want me

Note: I bolded my favourite bit :lol:

So it was obvious KaSeM.34 had far too much pride and he was growing alot. But did he have what it takes to keep up the the big dogs? He got attack happy and........failed (<-- Over-used word alert :p). It was like Harlos's thread, Splat!. but this time, his troops went "Bam Chikka Woun wound 8-P) (I have no clue why that :lol:). But yes, you got the point. Anyway, I talk too much. Just look :icon_eek:

However, them being a larger tribe then us with more villages, points and members, I assumed they wouldn't have been affected by it as much. So I decided to pay a visit to the tribal changes in the last 4 days. 4 had left/dismissed, 1 had join. Anyway, have a look, keep in mind the points of the players who left/dismissed and tell me where you see a coinsidence. I have highlighted in red my favourite box ;P

Self-explanatory really. The mass recruition of a pride tribe spread out over 18 continents, is slowly beginning to fail and fade away. Anyway, despite 3-4 past ennoblements, 3 have been from LeGeND I believe and today (Our official declaration), 1 ennoblement has been made. However, there will be limited ennoblements in this war due to the early world and church radius/fake limit, therefore, this war will be based around Clearances and Cattapulting.

So I'll leave LeGeND with 1 message: Due to the conceitedness of your aristocracy, your leaders have dragged you into a war. Now I know how much you want to kill but looking at your ODA, it's at 1st but your tribal ranking isn't. Immediately I'm thinking ODA "Whoring" or not knowing the concept behind using troops efficently.

I have planned properly, reached out to the appropriate people, deployed several spies (Enjoy my circular asking to be my spy to every member INCLUDING your leader too :p), stacked several players, got noble trains ready for members, found out 85% of your online times (Working on the other 15% :D), taken a list off all your members and we will now...Franklin D. Roosevely style (I think that's his name :D)......Take action!

I understand you may be unhappy by your leaders stupid decisions/arrogance or you want to stick with them but because you're the same race or have created bonds with some members but their comes a time in ones TW life where he must ask himself; "Survival or failure?". Think about it.

You all have 24 hours to leave. Until then,

Autobots, Decepticons, Re-unite.....Roll out, go go go!

I'm watching,
.Optimus Prime.

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Wow you took your time writing the message,
but i mostly go for the tribe with less points so...
Hope you win T*F


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Very intense :) Nice declaration I suppose. LeGeND, why did you have to fail me :icon_razz: I don't see good things happening for LeGeND now, even if it's only a few clearing and one ennoblement against them.


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Was waiting for this to happen.... :icon_wink:

Good luck Legend, because your the one who needs it :)


A well written piece as expected from OP. This will defiantly be interesting to see how it develops.
Maybe Legendary should develop their communications skills?


nice pic OP. (declaration wern't bad either:icon_biggrin:)

good luck to both sides.


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It will be interesting to see how it goes this early in W30 and who takes advantage of the situation ...... but I'll side with T*F because PnP is part of TW (however much its claimed that it isnt :icon_rolleyes:) and Optimus Prime does it quite well :lol:


Kebabe, you never dissapoint with your posts in the forum....

Mail me to find out who I am if you dont know kebabe.

Unleashed Megatron


please look at it :))
we like talking,but don't use tribalwars can't judge us.
as i said before,everyone can send me a mail.i answer and it makes me happy.

we don't use forum as optimus you see the stats,i could make 3 topiqs like optimus made :) but i don't have to.BECAUSE WE DON'T NEED
Stats can be shown as faux pas though, as the members that was about to be nobled leave all of a sudden huh...
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