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Tribal Defense
Defensive Overlay

Let me present you all a new tool I call "Tribal Defence"! Tribal Defense is an external program which is ment to give you effective overview over your tribes defensive troops.
Tribal Defense is meant to be a tool for leaders to have better distribution and control of the tribes defensive capacity.

Through the program the user will get an overview over how many units each village in your tribe has, and in what villages potential support has been sent from. The information is gathered and used in two different functions.
The first function is a map over every reported village, differentiated with color codes based on defensive troops in support and at home.
The second function is what I call "Spiderwave-defense", which is a development from support packs system. Each member of your tribe will get a set number of troops to send in support based on each players available troops. It is possible to set buffers to frontline players to not weaken their defenses.

A short introduction in the program
The program will not work properly unless you have a tribe that send you the information. This means it is crucial that every member of your tribe sends the information regularly. Sending the information is easy, all you have to do is click on this script. (Link to approved script)
When the script is used will the person responsible for your tribes defenses get a message in game, which needs to be copied and pasted in the external program. You can do this pretty easy to with another script, you can get that within the program itself, where you easily put in your own username.
After you've copied the messages from every member will this information be gathered to be used elsewhere in the program itself. It's possible to add new players, update information and delete players in the overview.
The program only uses the most recent information you've got, so it's very important that it's regularly updated.

In the map tab you'll have a more graphic preview over the information page. Here it's possible to get color codes for support and troops at home. If you hold your pointer over a pixel you'll get the towns coordinates, troops at home and potential support. If you click on a supported village, you'll see the origins of every supporting village with small, black lines.

Spiderwave-defense is mostly useful for prestacks which is evenly divided on your whole tribe, to lessen losses and crucial recruitment time in times of war. All you have to do is put in coordinates and the amount of troops you want in the stack in Spiderwave-defense, and the program calculates what each member will have to send. It is possible to put in as many villages you want, adjust total tribal defense at home, and if you want rounded or exact numbers to send. If a player or two has a big front, some have been account sitting or sharing internet connection, you can easily adjust how many percent (%) these players should send. If you set one player at for example 50%, every other member will have to compensate for this players troops.

Additional information
Tribal Defense is made in Java, and you got to have Java installed on your device to make the program work. Tribal Defense doesn't need any installation because it's made in Java. All your information is saved locally on your computer in a .txt-file. This file is possible to send to others if there is shared defensive responsibility. The program always has to be in the same folders as your information to make it work.

Tribal Defense has a login-function with username, password and server (what world you play on). Each user only have access to one server at the time - this may be extended in a later update.
To get a user, all you have to do is register your username, password, e-mail and server. You'll then get a 14 days trial. If you want to extend this, it's possible to order this.
Every user related change is a manual matter, and it may take up to 24 hours until it's updated. Further communication will happen via mail.
It will be a news-feed with relevant news each time the program opens up.

Every troop is is generated as a number in the program. Spears, swords and archers will get the number 1, and HC gets the number 4, as it's four times stronger.
When support is needed, each person needs to decide what to send and balance this as best as he or she can.

To get this program on your computer, follow the link below and download a .rar-file
You need to pack this out and save it on a suitable place, and then just use the program.

Good luck!

Small edit
I've taken part in developing this, but I'm not the mastermind behind the programming.
Link to original post (In Norwegian though)
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Anyone have this program? I would like to try it, but the folder is empty :(