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    Ingame Event

    Dear players,

    We're pleased to present our newest event - a celebration of 10 years of Tribal Wars! You will be presented with challenges of varying difficulty - some will be easy, while others may be too difficult for all but the very best. Complete challenges within the given time to earn rewards that will strengthen your empire and awards to boast of what you have achieved. Enjoy!

    Event start: 17.06.13 00:00

    Event end: 27.06.13 23:59

    This event will be active on all standard and casual worlds.


    Complete challenges to earn rewards and achievements.


    Challenges and Phases

    Challenges are grouped into 3 phases which are represented on the graphical village overview with images from Tribal Wars' past. Each phase contains 4 challenges of varying difficulty levels. Easy challenges earn you small amounts of points (5), while completing more difficult ones can earn you up to 20! Phases last 4 days, and challenges must be finished within the phase they belong to.


    Points and Rewards

    Complete challenges to earn points, which qualify for rewards. More challenges completed equals more points earned, which increases the amount and quality of rewards you earn. Rewards include, but are not limited to: production boosts, resources, flags and premium accounts. Please see the event screen in-game for a complete overview of possible rewards!



    Awards to prove your accomplishments can be earned for every phase of the event by completing the challenges in that phase. An easy challenge will earn you the lowest level of the award, and the most difficult challenge will earn you the highest.


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