Tribal Wars Birthday - Community Contest

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    In the early years of Tribal Wars, a drawing was made by one of the creators of Tribal Wars, Eike. This would be then used as a base for the village overview, that you all know well.

    To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Tribal Wars, we would like to invite you to participate in a contest, to show what you can do when it comes to drawing a village overview!


    So here is the deal, from today 03.07 on, submit some graphics representing the village overview, before 01.08, 23.59 (CET) to enter the contest.

    You are pretty free in what kind of graphics you would like to use, but your overview must have all current buildings, in their current placement, otherwise you won't be eligible as a Global Winner.
    So, please use this overview as a base for your work:


    We will then choose 3 international (global) winners among all the entries, to give them really special prizes!

    The 3 international (global) winners will each receive a brand new iPad and will also see their graphics available for use in the browser game as a graphical package! (which is why the placements and types of buildings have to match)

    Additionally, a winner will be determined per language version, and that person will win 2000 premium points, and a special 10 years anniversary T-shirt!

    5 runners up will be also be chosen per language version, and they will receive 1000 premium points.

    The winners will be determined by the Tribal Wars Team, so do your best to impress us!

    By submitting your entry to the contest you are granting InnoGames permission to use your work in any manner.

    Post an image of a fully built village in this thread to submit your work. Please note that we will refuse any offensive, inadequate or copyrighted material.

    To qualify to be a global winner, your entry must contain the following:

    -buildings created separately from the background so that we can use your graphics in the game
    -all buildings available in the game
    -(optional: graphics for the 3 different graphical states that some buildings have)

    It is important to note that your entry doesn't have to meet all these requirements to enter the contest, this is only to qualify as a Global Winner (so a simple drawing can enter the contest without a problem)

    If you have any feedback or questions, please click here for the discussion thread.

    We wish you all good luck, and show us who the best (graphic) architect is !

    The Tribal Wars Team.