Tribal Wars is now out on Steam


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Probably you already knew this, but today Tribal Wars was released on Steam. I think that is a good thing for the community.

In the hope to attact more players to this wonderful game I made a little video about the Steam release:


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What is the benefits using on Steam vs chrome or mobile?
Steam for me is more reliable with timings than Chrome. However, you can't have multiple tabs, or multiple windows, and sometimes the interface for basic actions like refresh, back, and forward can feel a bit clunky. Most scripts work, but a few have minor issues like not focusing buttons.

Chrome is the classic, pretty reliable, can do everything, all scripts work. Firefox and other modern browsers work as well. There might be a couple obscure scripts that only work in certain browsers but the vast majority should work everywhere.

Mobile is pretty useless for hardcore playing but decent for the basics, and can be taken everywhere in the palm of your hand. Also, if you have a Premium Account, you should install it even if you don't plan to use it, because it will give you reliable notifications about new attacks (as well as other things that are slightly less useful in mid-late game). I'm told if you get good with it, you can have a decent approximation of a viable playstyle purely from mobile, though I personally can't see how.

All three can be played simultaneously, which is where the real advantage of Steam comes into play, as it gives the ability to log on and check something in a desktop browser without disrupting your coplayer. Or, of course, it could be abused harder than that, but to be honest they've been nice enough to give this to us when they didn't need to, so I prefer to try and not go too crazy with it, so that Inno doesn't change their minds later and remove it...