Tribal Wars makes the change to Winter Time!


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Dear players,

On the night from Saturday (30/10) to Sunday (31/10) many countries will switch to winter time. Which means at 02:00 the clock will be turned back to 01:00.

Tribal Wars International will also be making this change.

This does not have an effect on fixed times like construction, travel or recruitment times but might have an effect on attacks. For example: a player sends two attacks, one at 23:30 and one at 00:30 summer time and both have a travel time of two hours. In this case both will be displayed to arrive at 01:30.
But in reality there will still be one hour between the attacks as the first will still arrive at 01:30 summer time, while the other arrives at 02:30 summer time; which is 01:30 winter time. So the actual travel time of the units is not affected, but the display might be confusing as the game does not show if the time displayed is summer or winter time.

Please also note that the duration of potential active night bonusses will be changed - they end at the hour in the new winter time.

Put it in your agenda and take this into account when preparing your attacks and defenses!

Kind regards,
Your Tribal Wars Team