Tribal Wars NET Annual Awards 2019 Discussion Thread


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Welcome once again, Tribal Warriors, to the Tribal Wars NET Annual Awards, this time for 2019!

This is your opportunity to makes sure those wonderful friends and allies you have worked with throughout the year the recognition they deserve! You might even get nominated yourself!


Along with the prestige of being allocated the award, each selected winner, for each category, will be allocated a special Forum title and avatar to display their Award along with 1000 premium points each!

There are 4 categories for you to nominate your fellow warriors:

"Tribe Mate of the Year"

Nominate your most deserving TribeMate.

"Skilled Soldier"

Nominate the player who you have encountered that has displayed outstanding skills in the game.

"Master Commander"

Nominate the player who exhibited extraordinary expertise in commanding their tribe.

"Forum personality of the Year"

Nominate your favourite Forum Poster of this year.

To make Nominations, please go to THIS THREAD

This thread is for any questions or discussion on nominations made.