Tribal Wars NET Annual Awards 2021


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Welcome once again, Tribal Warriors, to the Tribal Wars NET Annual Awards, this time for 2021!

This is your opportunity to makes sure those wonderful friends and allies you have worked with throughout the year the recognition they deserve! You might even get nominated yourself!


Along with the prestige of being allocated the award, each selected winner, for each category, will be allocated a special Forum title and avatar to display their Award along with 1000 premium points each!

There are 4 categories for you to nominate your fellow warriors:

"Tribe Mate of the Year"


Nominate your most deserving TribeMate.

"Skilled Soldier"


Nominate the player who you have encountered that has displayed outstanding skills in the game.

"Master Commander"


Nominate the player who exhibited extraordinary expertise in commanding their tribe.

"Community Personality of the Year"


Nominate your favourite Community participant (for example in forum and discord).

Format for nomination:

Nominated player:
Name of player you are nominating.
This should be in-game name or for Forum personality, Forum Name.
If you can link to their forum account also that's a bonus!

Award: Award you are nominating them for.

Reason for nomination: Please elaborate as much as possible as to why they deserve the award.
Quality of nominations matters more than quantity of nominations.

There are no limitations on how many nominations you can make.
You can nominate the same person for different awards.

The nomination entries will close on the 10th of March and the winners announced within 10 days thereafter.

This thread is for NOMINATIONS ONLY
Please take questions and comment to the Discussion thread HERE..

Winners will be decided by the Community Management Team based purely on the content of individual nominations.
One thorough and detailed nomination is better than 20 separate - "He is just the best"

Good Luck :)
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Master Commander Nomination: Pear

Led essentially what was the closest thing to a rim tribe on 117 to victory including defeating off Bio (gon's tribe) that had a massive pp and size advantage, but couldn't handle Pear's group as they exposed the whales. Without Kunis joining 117 things could've changed heavily in the south and impacted how the rest of the world played out where they are currently just cleaning up the rest of the world having won it unofficially back in September.


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Nominated player: Slacker

Award: Skilled Soldier

Reason for nomination: Fuck me but im gonna go ahead and vote for myself. Slacker account has come to play and i doubt many can say otherwise. W111, w116, w119 ending as rank 1 ODA, ODT and points. Winning w111, 116, 119, 120 with a group of really skilled ppl. You might not like Slacker but you know they will show up to play and im really happy to be a part of it. Also one of the accs that knows how to crush on startup with 0 misstakes. Also we got a football team of coplayers so try to fistfight us 1v1 irl

Nominated player: @Timothy Mus

Award: Tribe Mate of the Year

Reason for nomination: Mesutti is a fucking champion, taking sits and offering all his acc to help. Doesnt deserve half the shit ppl throw at him

Nominated player: @Mintyfresh

Award: Master Commander

Reason for nomination: The biggest nerd ive seen, carrying me back to back with his brain. The fact he handled the slacker cos while duking on 120 shows really good leadership. Also got his TV on his dinnertable and if that isnt master commander material i dont know what is

Nominated player: @Jirki88

Award: Forum Personality of the Year

Reason for nomination: The fucker keeps spamming his rules on every new world for no reason, he prob is multi accounting the counting thread so it looks alive aswell


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Tribemate of the Year: Sergeant Crunsh

I have to give this reward to Jacob for his undeniable loyalty. Even though enemies pressured from start, he always remained loyal and never gave up any info to them. Even after his good friend and neighbour stabbed us, he was there to use all his nukes for the tribe sake, not one single nuke was left at home. He even wanted to delete his acc and stop playing tw cause some people doubted in his loyalty (true story indeed).

Skilled Soldier: 6LACK

Showing great skills in defending. It took pressure from TWO skilled soldiers to break his stand, not even then he complied and kept fighting by internaling his teammates. He was always there to pp walls on random nukes which slowed us down hard. We only managed to take around 100 villages from him due to his masterful defence. He only had 100k stacks in his villages when he fought us. I dont know any other player who would be ale to withstand such pressure with so little deff at disposal.

Timothy Mus

Tribe Mate of the Year 2021
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Nominated player: @kpap & @Britney Spears
Award: Skilled Soldier
Reason for nomination: I am picking up 2 players even if more deserve it i think this people have done well job. Kpap was one of those people that had heavy frontline on 120 they had front against one of the biggest account on enemy side and was still pushing the frontline even so much fanged he didnt give up the hope and was destroying one by one. you are still a malaka lmao.

Britney Spears - first time i have played with them but they are really good player. Meanwhile they was destroying maddrick with their deathstars he was also taking sits on PEPE to slow down enemies. Really impressed! Not so much more to say about him he is decent player and he did well.

Nominated player: @Legosoldaten @BuKu and Pink.Panther
Award: Tribe Mate of the Year
Reason for nomination: Yes i pick 3 players so? They all did really good job! Was always sending ress to tribemates when they was minting, never had deff at home and fangs was going out. Without them it would look different in a bad way. So much help they did even sometimes slowed their own growth so other people could grow. Would like to play with them again have no bad words to say about their effort. You guys are amazing.

Master Commander: Slacker - Mintyfresh
Award: Master Commander
Reason for nomination: We had couple leaders on the tribe WASHED and all of them was doing good. But the main boss was mintyfresh and actually the way he was leading everything and how positive he was about things was i could not ask nothing more. The way he was planning OP and was coming up with new strategy what we could do to get best results. Have nothing bad words about the way he was leading what he did was the main reason we won.

Skill Issue

Skilled Soldier 2020
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Nominated player: @AceZSpades

Award: Skilled Soldier

Reason for nomination: Not much to say really, it's been almost 2 years that I play with the people on this account and skill-wise I don't think there's many (if any) accounts that are good as them. Early game machine Jup who is obsessed with farming + Mike and CG as late-game players that are obsessed with catting and timing everything near perfectly makes them a great account. Will never forget @6LACK 's constant crying about Ace account botting on w120. Also shout-outs to BobOnFire and TreX.

Nominated player: @Mintyfresh

Award: Master Commander

Reason for nomination: W120 was the first world I've played against him and I was impressed at how he led his group and players. From the very beginning it seemed like they were all on the same page and their game-plan was well thought out and perfectly executed.

Nominated player: @vekinator & @PorkSword

Award: Forum Personality of the Year

Reason for nomination: No matter what world, these two will always provide great content on externals. Veki's memes and James's videos are always 10/10 therefore I nominate the botinator & rim crusader for this award.


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Nominated Player: @Unreliable Greek Players and @Daddy Ashen
Award: Skilled Player

Beasts in every front they were, most caps and od/oda/odd in all wars, took all the heat and carried the fronts with an ease.

Nominated Player: @Unreliable Greek Players and @Da Trouble
Award: Tribe Mate of the Year

Both guys always there to support and help in every op, launching nukes and putting pressure on the enemies constantly. Always there when you need them

Nominated Player: @I-AM-GROOT
Award: Master Commander

All i can say is that i hope i will never (like never never) get an op or a fang op from this mad guy. Best ops i have ever seen in many worlds.
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Nominated player: @kraidy

Award: "Community Personality of the Year"

Reason for nomination:
The reason for this nomination is that Kraidy never fails to impress me, he’s funny and deserves the award.
His memes are so funny and it’s enjoyable to have a guy like him in our community, im lucky that i meet him and having him as friend.
Content , memes , jokes , everything is at unique level and the whole tribalwars community loves him.


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Nominated player: @kraidy (or Kraidi sometimes)

Award: Community Personality of the Year

Reason for nomination: Because he brings life to discord and has the best memes. Genuinly a nice and good guy and hilarious. He's unique for sure. The Community wouldnt be the same without him..



Master Commander 2019
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Nominated player: @kpap

Award: Skilled Soldier

Reason for nomination:
Over the many years I've been involved in the .net community, I've never played with someone able to handle PP Whales with an essentially free to play strategy like kpap does. He is very intense, and some find him hard to play with because of this. But I have come to respect his drive and ability to adapt to any challenges he faced. There is no one I would rather rely on to show up and get results like kpap can and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with him.

Nominated player: @Mintyfresh

Award: Master Commander

Reason for nomination:
Anyone who knows Paul can vouch that his mind for the game is unmatched. I have never had a bad experience working with him through the wins we have managed together, and I'm happy to see that he is just as great of a leader as he is a player and account planner through 120. Washed was one of the most well-managed tribes I've been in, and Paul was constantly on task and looking towards the future 2+ steps ahead at a time. It isn't well known how much planning, micromanaging, and overall sweat was needed to do what Washed managed through startup, but Paul was always on top of everything and surrounded himself with a great team of barons that I had the pleasure of working with closely.

On top of all of this, Washed was one of the most FUN tribes I've been in. Cultivating a fun and welcoming environment for new players, bringing weekly challenges for highest cat damage done, etc. Paul found a way to keep all of his members engaged and contributing and I think this was one of the biggest factors on success.

Nominated player: @PorkSword

Award: Community/Forum Personality

Reason for nomination:
CONTENT. Constant videos and content. Guy is a riot and keeps the meme wars raging. Though he owes part 2 of a video series so please only give it to him when he delivers what he owes.

Nominated player: @Timothy Mus

Award: Tribemate of the year

Reason for nomination:
Much love for the kid. It ain't much but it's honest work. Logging in from a weekend off and seeing Mesutti had our sit was a worrying sight but he was literally minting on an account that wasn't even his - something that he did very frequently for many tribemates. Took multiple sits to send snipes. He might get a little overwhelmed when he is out of his comfort zone but he will do everything for the homies and he is deadly passionate about it. Glad to have worked with him and sad that he gets hate, although he does bring it upon himself at times :p


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Master Commander: Cortana.

One of few dukes in this game to lead tribes to multiple victories in the same year. 118 with AFK we have about 14 days on the dominance clock and on 122 with Indian, the enemy leaders have congratulated us and moved on.

On 118 Cortana. Led our tribe fighting all enemies in front of us never wavering always planning a new op week after week. Balancing all of us big ego obnoxious players while simultaneously being one of the largest FL carries I have seen. Many times almost solo opping and mass pushing the enemy tribe. To be able to manage all our personalities while also pushing a FL account harder than anyone else was impressive.

Instead of resting on these achievements Cortana could not be sated and help found a new premise for 122.

On 122 he was one of the main targets and was catted most weeks. He still took time to help organize overall tribe tasks and help on north front even during school in real life. Nothing made him waver. He put up with my hyper aggressive attitude and all the bullshit I caused and for that I am thankful.

One of the best to ever lead, he has given us victory in 122 in just a bit over 6 months. One of the fastest and most efficient feats on .net all while warring every tribe placed against us with almost the exact roster we started with.

Truly a great guy and Leader


Discord Personality 2021 & 2022
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nominated player: @Eakshow McGee

Award: Tribemate of the year

Reason for nomination: What can I say that isn't been known to all. Vox's activeness is on another level. He can play and sleep at the same time. He's first to support and his nukes somehow kill more troops than any other nominee in this category. His communications skills are otherworldly. It's like he telepathically communicates with his sad excuse of tribemate to assure everything is running smoothly. Vox's spreadsheets bring nightmares to his enemies. This is but a mere drop of water in the ocean that is Vox.

And anyone who disagrees with this is a hater and a jealous. which is very sad


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Nominated player: @Mintyfresh

Award: Master Commander

Reason for nomination: What all the other nerds said about him and I enjoyed playing in 120/Washed! it was 1 of, if not the best tribe I've been apart of and it was some good times being there.

Nominated player: @Daddy Ashen

Award: Skilled Soldier

Reason for nomination: The Tom Brady of tw, only that if we'd win rings for W's in tribalwars AJ would have a ring for every finger + some soon. AJ + Rasa are an amazing duo, I've been carried to multiple W's from them two and I'll always enjoy playing with them. A FL machine that will run non stop when motivated and good luck to everyone who runs into you.

Nominated player: @Ippe

Award: Tribemate of the Year

Reason for nomination: Diana/Ippe crew has been awesome every world I've played with them. Diana is the most unselfish tw player I've ever met, and is always team first even if it doesn't create the best situation for her account. Accounts like this is what makes tw a lot more enjoyable for me, as they're so easy to work with and communicate with and if you ever need anything you can count on Diana.

Nominated player: @PorkSword

Award: Forum Personality of the Year

Reason for nomination: Meme King with content unmatched, take notes peasants.


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Master Commander: I-AM-GROOT (LUCAZ)

Groot acc pretty much solo led AFK (w118) to win, warring the whole world & then putting the premade together on w122 that won the world the day we entered it, even though Lucaz left after it was about 75% won, the only thing that was left was shitty @Seven Devils tribe with baLkans that can´t compete against players like INDIAN. One of the fastest victories ever, easily,

Nominated player: @Daddy Ashen

Award: Skilled Soldier

Reason for nomination: This one is obvious- THE GOAT