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Welcome once again, Tribal Warriors, to the Tribal Wars NET Annual Awards, this time for 2022!

This is your opportunity to makes sure those wonderful friends and allies you have worked with throughout the year the recognition they deserve! You might even get nominated yourself!


Along with the prestige of being allocated the award, each selected winner, for each category, will be allocated a special Forum title and avatar to display their Award along with 1000 premium points each!

There are 5 categories for you to nominate your fellow warriors:

"Tribe Mate of the Year"


Nominate your most deserving TribeMate.

"Skilled Soldier"


Nominate the player who you have encountered that has displayed outstanding skills in the game.

"Master Commander"


Nominate the player who exhibited extraordinary expertise in commanding their tribe.

"Forum Personality of the Year"


Nominate your favourite Forum participant.

"Discord Personality of the Year"


Nominate your favourite Discord participant.

Format for nomination:

Nominated player:
Name of player you are nominating.
This should be in-game name, and for Discord personality, Discord name.
If you can link to their forum account also that's a bonus!

Award: Award you are nominating them for.

Reason for nomination: Please elaborate as much as possible as to why they deserve the award.
Quality of nominations matters more than quantity of nominations.

There are no limitations on how many nominations you can make.
You can nominate the same person for different awards.

The nomination entries will close on the 28th of February and the winners announced within 14 days thereafter.

This thread is for NOMINATIONS ONLY
Please take questions and comment to the Discussion thread HERE..

Winners will be decided by the Community Management Team based purely on the content of individual nominations.
One thorough and detailed nomination is better than 20 separate - "He is just the best"

Good Luck :)
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Master commander nomination

Nominated player: Tommy from Daddy Ashen account

I would like to nominate the player in question for his outstanding leadership of the tribe UBIS on w128. The story began when our duke up until then had some real life issues and had to quit the game. We were leaderless for about 3 weeks and you could feel the tribe was going into the gutter. The enemies were scoring some big diplomatic victories and also started outgrowing us. But then Tommy took the lead of the tribe and spent countless hours dealing with each player's questions, countless hours sitting not only our accounts, but also those of our allies, planning OPs, even spending money for those accounts that he sat. When we were backstabbed by 2 former council players who gave sit to the enemy tribe, he made sure the tribe kept their chin up and faced the problem head on. His real life suffered a lot, with people at work asking him if he has any problems. At one point he even told me that he doesn't know how much longer he can take it, but he took it nonetheless. He always honored his promises to individual players and to our allies who got their deserving spots in the winning tribe.

In short, world 128 would have ended very differently had he not assumed command.

I don't know what his forum account is, as Daddy Ashen is not his account, but if he gets chosen I guess it can be worked out.


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"Tribe Mate of the Year"

Account name:
13th Krieger
I am 2 worlds in with the krieger account, world 124 and world 131. The account is shared by MYRRH and Costache.
Both players have crazy amount of teamplay, everything u want from a tribemate they will do, no effort to help out is too much.
An account i would love to have next to me in any future world to come.
On top costache provides (approved) scripts for the tribe and other tribes. both allied as enemies. Some of the best scripts made in the tribalwars community come from costache. The man is a genius and always willing to help out if there are problems with said scripts.

"Skilled Soldier"

Account name: AceZSpades

I think Ace holds a form of dominance in this game. I have been both at the recieving end as the allied end of this account. and in both situations they really shine. The sheer weight of the account both as enemy or as allies is enough to carry an entire frontline. On top of the skill of this account, they are super friendly and also selfless, and unlike other top accounts they are not arrogant (or not alot anywayz XD).

The pure presence of this player is the reason for enemies to form alliances.
I think of all the good players in this game there is no other player (currently) more deserving of the skilled soldier title.

"Master Commander"

Account name: AceZSpades

Well I hate to seem like an Ace fanboy, but i will do it either way.
The account doesnt see it itself as a leader account, and i am pretty sure he does not want to be seen as a leader in any way. yet every world people flock to him and look for his guidance and leadership. Ace is not a leader because he has the title duke but because the people want him to lead. Even on 131 people of the tribe tell me, i dont care where this tribe goes, as long as ace is our duke.

He has my respect as a player, as a person, and as a leader.
And like many others i will follow Ace (in tribalwars) anywhere.

Timothy Mus

Tribe Mate of the Year 2021
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Its time for the prince to put some nominations aswell. I never thought i would meet new people that would be like brothers for me. I am really happy for that! After all things get more fun when you have them to play for and you can have more energy to fight for. Some titles will have more than one nomination and others will have shoutouts. Because how well they have worked with people around in their own tribe, that is very important thing.

"Tribe Mate of the Year"

Tronjheim - Lael.
I didnt know who you was before i started to co-play with you. But it have been amazing to have the chance to co with someone like you. You really helped me alot so i didnt have to do alot of things comparing what you did, because you know i was busy with another world. It have been really fun to see how you playing because you really did very well! I remember when you discussed how you like to fake, you really was putting effort for that. You are a good person and care about other. In short time we become very good friends actually no we become as brothers hehe. Other players have to acknowledge what a great tribemate you are. You protected me aswell. Every OP you was putting effort and time because you cared about the tribe. You really wanted them to win. Someone that is doing this for their tribe deserve alot back. Its because people like you make things easier for the Ace. I can not thank you enough for things you have done. You are one of the best tribemates i have played with and you showed this in very short time. Its fine you dont have to be "perfect". Someone that doing everything for the tribe's best is high value. prove anymore. I wish you luck my brother!

Spoon - You are a bit of mixed for this title + SS actually. The president of Zimbabwe. First time we played together and you become one of my closest friend in the tribe actually you know what i see you as a brother. I remember when kpap lost all his troops when he supported someone. You stepped up and helped him many times at the early game you invested what was the best for the tribe. Even if it effected your grow you didnt care but you wanted help him. Later you joined north frontline and did really good job during the time you was online you played so many hours. I remember i started communicate with you it was really fun. Because we worked well together. We never even once had fight can you imagine that? I remember when our enemies did OP on us with very good timings. You sat and played whole night almost and sniped everything, you started help me aswell. We helped each other with that. I have nothing bad to say about you only good things. Thanks for everything spoon! Dont change yourself ever, be like the person you been with me brother. You have a good heart and unlucky people that never had the chance to play with you.

You and kpap will wear that pink dress for me it should be fair.

Shoutout to my brother Tily97. You took another level on 125. You have become even a better tribemate with the time we played with you.
Quite person but still you defended very good in the last OP when you was under attacked. I was impressed the effort you have put. Keep swimming champ!

"Skilled Soldier"

- kalimera bastard kid xaxaxaxa - You are one of the best players in net no discuss about that. First time i played with you from the start and could see more what you can really do. In a world when you dont have flags and pp. Imagine what this malaka can do when things is more "fair". Also we worked alot together and communicated many times. So i could judge more from that aswell. What you did on 125 was really amazing. Playing mostly time solo and being frontline and taking sits on other accounts when they was getting OPed. Without that so many villages would bleed and things would look different in a bad way for us. It was insane to see what this crazy greek managed to do. You are really a machine that just munching everything in his way. Doing this stuffs solo is something different and it burns out more on a person. Its different when you are under pressure if you still can have really good performance then it show how good that person is. Its insane how much hard work you have put to get what you want. I remember the last OP our enemies did and it was on you. The biggest OP on 125 before the OP i was really worried that it could go bad. Not because i didnt trust you, it was because it was 3 tribes that was attacking you. But i never gave up the hope and trusted the process. With a little bit help from another fat greek you managed well. You have proved yourself why you are one of the goat.

I have a quote that match with kpap "If i don't go in now, I don't deserve to be called the Ace" - Ryota Kise

Btw when will you take your pink dress? Spoon told me you was going to do it. Well either way you both should do it and dance for the prince.

Dimitris/Bagadzilla - This one is different because we was not tribemates and then its harder to see things. But i am sure i know enough to judge.
It was very annoying you have you guys as enemies because you was always jumping deeper. Well it had other reason aswell.. inactive tribemates.
I remember the PM you guys could send haha pissed me off really.
I was going to pick one of you guys but that would not be fair. Because you both was covering on the account. So that means both deserve the creed. But later when we started to work together i really saw that i was right. You guys was very good players. You both helped alot and it was pleasure to play with you malakas. This was also first time i ever have played with you guys. I was impressed how active and work you guys put. You guys mostly time was positive that we will win and Dimitris even helped with sit on the last OP. Two fat greeks together was great. I had very fun to play with you guys.


Shoutout to players like AceZSpades i didnt play enough with you guys on your world but what i saw was still enough. All the 3 players together was insane how active and well they worked with their tribe and did everything they could.

And a last shoutout Arrow in the Knee & Zero-Two - First one you guys played really good on 125 and the other one on 124. Miss you Freebird another person that i never played with before but when i did it was fun and during that time you always was being positive to me. You have done things for me that means alot. You have great heart.

Edit: I was planning to do it but i forgot when it took time to fix nominations. Shoutout for Dan the player that took over one account that got catted to shit and lost many villages and he managed to fix the account in couple days to a stronger account. It was very bad shape the account dread master.

"Master Commander"

I will explain why this person deserve even if he didnt play from start. Quality over quantity sometimes its enough to see what someone can do in a limit time and you will know they can do that same thing longer period.

Evan - You are my first net friend and my best friend. Everytime i have played with you i got some super power i can do everything. Because you always been there to help and boost the confidence. You are one of the most underrated player actually when you compare the people "known" as most.
The best tribemate i ever had have always showed amazing skills. But now its time take this to another title. As i mentioned at the beginning you was not playing from beginning at all. But the time you was here you did enough and i am sure you would do same thing in the longer run. History have been proved before. You are a good leader trying to protect everyone and same time leading the tribe the way that is best for the tribe. Thanks for everything you have done during the years we have played. I really appreciate it! You dont have anything to prove either way. King of Pooga

"Some Friendships Are So Strong, They Can Even Transcend Lifetimes" - Avatar Roku


Shoutout to Minty that was leading his tribe very well smart OP's and constantly pressure. You are a great leader and putting so much time for your tribe.

"Forum Personality of the Year"

This one is a bit hard. But i will take them both because brothers deserve to get acknowledged for their creative work.

Britney Spears that changed his name to Trex's Boyfriend lmao and PorkSword - You both had funny memes and doubt anyone could even come close to them. Many Quality of memes and some videos. Special the one Pork last one he made. Britney Spears stepped up his memes and put more effort on them. I really enjoyed everytime you guys posted some memes. Even if it was about me sometimes which is fine ree. Nobody can top you two guys in this title. For someone that didnt play the world could follow it by just checking their memes. A world become more interested when you have great memes its more fun to follow or play on. Which is enough to say about this bois how great they was. Great content you guys put on externals.
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Skilled Soldier 2021
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Tribemate of the year:

My boy mesut/Timothy mus.

Great performance from Mesut on 125. Outstanding control of what was happening in game and discord. Keeping up with in game stuff and as at the same time exist in every room chat on discord. Up to date with every movement in fronts and keeping up the spirit/breaking balls within the tribe. Providing in many aspects of the game like being the mascot of clowns, to coordinating support lists, taking sits and helping communicating the current needs. The amount of time he spends every world to help others is impressive. Cannot think anyone more suitable for this award.

Skilled soldier:

dimitris/ugp/-*trick or treat-

Impressive performance by him throughout our war on 125 (clowns vs hoodie). Quite annoying reading mesut's messages everyday complaining about him and how he randomly nobled another bunch of our villages everyday. Was one of the key players of hoodies breaking the north front. Excellent micro skills and knowledge of the game, good use of the resources/troops he had available to use in every front. In my opinion, one of the most dangerous accounts/player we had on the other side. Plus, excellent teamwork when we faced enemies biggest op on my account. Great communication and no worries of his skill.
Bonus: i think he is about to win his 2nd world this year, 129, with another great performance.

Master Commander:


Another back to back player from last year. Did a really good job coordinating his tribe on 125, managed to have under control many personalities who were ready to follow him throughout the world. At the same time performing on fronts, dealing heavy damage. Very good at planning ops and making enemy lives difficult. Have to give him credits cuz he managed to win the world by having significant size disadvantage from his enemies.

"Forum Personality of the Year"

Porksword & Britney Spears

Porksword :This year my ugly friend james was busy hiding in accounts against me but when he rarely posted some random meme, it was pure gold. Always a strong competitor for this category.

Britney Spears (unknown forum acc) : Quite good memes in the world he is playing. Decent nominee this year.

mason redwood

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I think all rewards for this year should go to w125 players as it was obviously the most high level world. Some tribes which ended up having little impact would have probably won some other worlds this year. Maybe separate polls for w125 and rest of 2022 would make more sense.

"Tribe Mate of the Year"

I wasnt on hoodie ofc so this one a bit more difficult for me to answer not knowing who helped with sits and organization etc. My vote goes to whichever hoodie players here get nominated as their defensive coordination and teamwork was obviously above ours. Can't give it to clowns players as even though there might have been standout players there, their activity and teamwork was notably less impressive as the whole world helped them with sits against hoodie. From family there were some players who helped with sits and worked very hard but hard for me to nominate a single one from this world.

"Skilled Soldier"

UGP from hoodie. Unfortunately I wasnt able to fight for a long time but from what I saw there are not many players who defend as persistently actively as that account. Should have tried to skirmish with other players while I was there.

I was able to fight Tyrannaizen from XL more. Very smart attacker gave me a headache and many sleepless nights.

Will also bring out Aditya from Icarus who kept a high standard throughout the world organizing OPs, his account and attacked on a level second to none.

"Master Commander"

Obviously Minty and hoodie leadership. Recruitment was top notch as all their players were extremely active and skilled. Everyone was so afraid of their tribe that the whole world was red for them for a bit. Convincing clowns to a merge to get out of that hopeless situation was the diplomatic move that won them the world.

Also think Adrian deserves credit, despite the memes, the things he does are not easy at all (people in early game were saying if they played like family they would do better, but nobody else actually does what Adrian does) and no matter what you think of Family/NAM, objectively the early game by us was extremely effective.

"Discord Personality of the Year"



Skilled Soldier 18 & Master Commander 21 & 22
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Tribemate(s) of the year:

Literally everyone from hoodie 125 for putting up with ME WHEN I WENT OFF THE RAILS.

Never seen such a bunch of motivated + quality nerds ready to do all they can for the tribe

Skilled soldier:

Those malakas on UGP are pretty fuckin' good. Not sure it would be totally fair to single out one of them particularly. All master-tier players

Probably as good as the dude that won last year


Jake/Britney spears memes are fire. I hope one day he learns about the medium of moving pictures


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Tribemate of the year


Ragestyles is the best tribemate in tw. Initially, she wasn't planning on actively playing on world 120, but found herself climbing the ranks due to her farming and strategic skills. However, as time went on, she found herself facing new challenges as her neighbors and endgame tribes began vying for her allegiance.

Despite being one of the top players on the world for a long time, Ragestyles was never invited to join a premade, and her progress was hindered by her neighboring tribe, led by Gon, who continually nobled away all the barbs in her area. However, both endgame tribes attempted to bribe her into joining their ranks, seeing the potential for a large land mass if she were on their side.

In the end, Ragestyle was approached by Gon himself, who literally bought her a spot in his tribe, Kekbye, for $700. Despite the financial incentive, Ragestyle found that the leadership in Kekbye never really wanted her on their team, and many of her requests for help went ignored. She felt like she was on her own, and while the tribe would talk about how they were making progress in the east, the south was falling apart, with twice as many villages being lost.

Feeling like she wasn't part of the tribe, Ragestyle stopped actively playing and was never invited to join the tribe discord until just days before a major attack from the rival tribe, WASHED. She had tried to warn her tribe about the impending danger, but her warnings went unheeded. With a lack of communication and a lack of support from her tribe, Ragestyle was forced to defend herself alone.

Despite the difficult journey, Ragestyle holds onto her rank 1 milestones from that world as a symbol of her hard work and determination. Reflecting on her time on World 120, she realizes that she should have listened to her instincts and joined WASHED when they first approached her. However, she takes pride in her perseverance and resilience, and is ready to face whatever challenges come her way in the next world.

Skilled Soldier


Ragestyles had long anticipated the possibility of encountering a formidable adversary in Tribal Wars. However, the magnitude of the impending attack was beyond her wildest imagination. The tribe DS, on server w111, had set its sights on Ragestyles' settlement and was unleashing a full-scale assault. With over one thousand nukes, two hundred and fifty nobles, and a formidable army of the strongest troops at their disposal, the attackers were poised to wreak havoc on Ragestyle's village.

Faced with such a formidable threat, Ragestyles realized that she could not defend her village alone. She sent out a distress signal to the other tribes on the server, pleading for their assistance. Regrettably, even the most prominent players on the server, such as Bayliner, who had acquired the most advanced items and troops, declined to lend support. They were too preoccupied with their own pursuits to heed Ragestyle's call for help. Had Bayliner attempted to get nominate for tribemate of the year, I'm sure Ragestyles would exit w111 as #1.

Master Commander


Has this ever happened to you?


Personality of the Year




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Winning twice in a row doesn't sit right with me, so I've tried to mix it up a bit.

Tribemate of the year: @Daddy Ashen. Has to be right? The guy is in EVERY fucking tribe.

Skilled Soldiers: @Unreliable Greek Players.

Master Commander: @Mintyfresh. You're simply the best.

Forum Personality: @Shinko to Kuma. Probably not her most active year, about time she gets some proper recognition for all the hard work she has put down throughout the years.

Discord Personality: @Timothy Mus. Spends all his time on discord, and definitely got personality.

Lady Madelina

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Nominated player: Guest121811 (world 131); was Guest 098965 on world 128

Award: Tribe Mate of the Year

Reason for nomination:
Despite not having been able to access his original account since returning to TW (after 12 years at sea, no internet), Guest (prev Kent Max Security) taught his tribe the art of survival - dodging, sniping, and strategic supporting of others in the tribe. In the face of a huge attempt from the 'big' tribes to wipe us out on 128, we are still there (but without Guest) and still supporting each other. Although we are a smaller tribe, we have held position #8... had he not been there, my leadership might have kept us in the top 100!

He is 82, still employed, and plays off a mobile phone. When an account he was sitting came under fire, he stayed up all night dodging and sniping the attacks, saving the account from hundreds of incoming attacks. Then covered all the next day as well. I am a decade and change younger and don't have that stamina.

He has earned the Grouchy Old Man accolade, and as tribe Duchess, I awarded him with a tshirt that read "I never dreamed that one day I would become a grouchy old man, but here I am, killing it". Despite that, when one member made a comment that could have referred to a desire to self-harm, there he was, gently and effectively supporting the member, making sure I was also there to provide whatever support was needed, until we knew that the member was not going to do anything stupid (turns out it was a translation issue).

I would put my life in this man's hands. He is caring, supportive, willing to go all out to help others learn, determined, effective, and an altogether good person.


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Nominated player: Im Not Monster, hidden

Award: Skilled Soldier

Reason for nomination: What can I say? Hidden was the most dedicated, active, and skilled player I have seen this year on tribal wars. On world 125, Hidden was unmatched offensively. He would play 16-20 hours every single day. He started the world isolated with a small tribe behind both Goocci and Clowns. He fought for two months to earn his spot in Clowns. After joining clowns, he got a few internals on a losing hoodie front, and quickly turned it into the only winning front in the tribe. Once the Goocci war started, he got a deathstar on the first day. Soon that turned into 5-10 deathstars. He kept the pressure nonstop, all day every day. Nukes would land periodically, with nobles following every nuke, with a mix of 10+ antis and fake antis before every single noble. Most of his nobles would have at least a 1ms fake antisnipe. Monster had thousands of incomings every day, and he was on point in dodging, cat defending, backtiming. Meanwhile he would constantly cat the enemy around key locations. It's not like the enemy wasn't defending. Here and there the enemy would have offline time, but many of his caps were fully defended. There's not much the enemy could do when pressure was 24/7. Up until the climax of the war, minty planned a huge midline noble op while we had limited nukes. That day monster sent countless antisnipes for tribemates on long range trains. He sent his entire cluster worth, from a majority of monster's villages. That was the offensive turning point in the war, before one last massive desperation op came to hit kpap.

Hidden is always a top account every world he plays seriously, mostly non pp worlds. He is one of the best looters around. He is a fighter and deserves to be recognized. Props to you Hidden.

Nominated player: timothy mus, mesut

Award: Tribe Mate of the Year

Reason for nomination: Oh Mesut... You may not have been a frontline account, but you may as well have been with all the sitting you did. Every day I would see you accepting sits, on fronts that were getting hit hard at that. You always helped when you could and made an impact on the course of the world. You always kept the chat alive, and you inspired me to help out as well. I could always tell that you truly cared. You deserve the two-peat. Cheers


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Nominated player: Hidden from Im Not Monster

Award: Skilled Solider

Reason for nomination: First time when I saw him we were enemies but this doesn't really matter too much, always active and on top with fakes,anti snipes, nukes to push the FL, Hidden is a very dedicated person even if the internet doesn't help him too much he is still doing his best, antis at 001 ms including many fake antis. Now as we are playing together on the classic world he is the player which let's say is my right hand I never asked him for help but, he always jumped to help including ops, fang ops, future plans etc... Really appreciate your hard work Hidden and hopefully you will win this award as you deserve it the most.

Nominated player: Spoon

Award: Master Commander

Reason for nomination: I won't say too much here as we probably know how spoon is dealing with everything. Great leader, great person, great map viewer. One more thing thanks for giving me the opportunity to play with you and the team.

Nominated player: Oh Not Serious

Award: Tribe mate of the year

Reason for nomination: Players which are on this account is like they never sleep, one mail for def or nukes or anything you ask them they are always on top and helping, nothing to say more than GREAT PLAYERS.


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"Tribe Mate of the Year"

IncomingRamFake69 I never met Ben before w124, but it was a joy to play alongside — he was always good mood and put in his shift. I could mention many from w124 being great tribemates, but playing next to Ben, I saw outstanding gameplay and who loved to meme it out, encouraged during hard times, and always at his PC. He is the sort of player a good tribe is based upon, and I know he always takes the time to learn the players' ins and outs of the game with little tricks and tips. Delightful character.

"Skilled Soldier" and "Master Commander"

In w124, I saw how Mike on AceZSpades continuously pushed a front. He was the frontrunner for any OP, and if you saw command sharing, a ton of work was being put in. I've seen it in back-to-back worlds, and anyone who has played against him knows that he's a pain to face. Even when being attacked, he makes sure to check up on everyone if they need stacks. AceZSpades is one of those accounts where you know they have an innate ability to find holes in a frontline and then capture the moment. Just a stud. Really. He leads by example and is just someone you want to play alongside with.

You kinda want to scream, "roll it back", cause it appears 131 will be a repeat. But, as always, the account is high on ODA, ODD, and ODS, constantly planning, pushing, and leading entire tribes — hats off.

Hands down; I haven’t seen anyone better in a long time.
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Nominated player: Hidden on Im Not Monster account

Award: Skilled Soldier.

Reason for nomination:
Hidden have a determination and focus that is unmatched, the amount of time and effort he put in it on world after world, his planning of attacks and execution is flawless even if he sometimes is limited to a phone, or troublesome internet connection.
Defending there is no amount of incomings that will make him lose his overview of the situation, he can just keep on powering through.
The amount of help he gives to tribemates is incredible, if you ask him he will do everything in his power to spread the success, even without anyone mention it suddenly you see anti snipes or other help added to your attacks.

Huge respect to Hidden from here.

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Nominated player: Connor and Killa on Probably Deleting

Award: Skilled Soldier.
Reason for nomination:
When put in an impossible situation these guys are never scared and are always ready for the grind. If one good thing comes out of 129 it is getting to share council with these two guys and watch them go toe to toe against UGP (who is also very deserving of this award). I am glad I met them and will definitely avoid ever having to go up against these two.


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Tribemate of the year: TIMOTHY MESUT

He always has ur back whenever u need it. Alays grinds and helps tribe to victory. <3

Skilled soldier: KPAP

Just one word MACHINE. Dont know how u do it but its amazing to watch.

Master Commander: PAUL/MINTY

Best leader i played with and its always an honor playing with u.

Forum Personality of the Year: PORKSWORD



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Nominated player: Hidden ( Im Not Monster in-game )

Award: Skilled Soldier.

Reason for nomination:

I am nominating Hidden because I truly believe he is a good player. He is almost never offline, I have absolutely no idea when this guy sleeps.
He pays attention to everything, he keeps an eye on his tribe mates, and helps out where he can