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Firstly and most importantly please take a look at the help file:


1. Q. How do I get back the tutorial window after closing it?
A. Go on Settings > Settings > Tutorial and select introduction
2. Q. Can I build a new village?
A. No, you have to take one over in a fight. (see question 21)​

3. Q. What is the difference between Loyalty and Morale?
A. All answered perfectly here:

The village

4. Q. Why can't I build all buildings right from the beginning?
A. Some buildings require certain things to be available. (Barracks for example require the village headquarters to be at level 3.)
Check the help file for exact information on the buildings. Just select the building you are interested in.

5. Q. How do I raise or win back the loyalty of my village?
A. Loyalty goes up by itself by 1 per hour, until to the max of 100. (1 per hour is based on server speed 1.
On speed 5 it would go up by 5 per hour). You can't speed it up in any way. You only see the Loyalty if it's not 100.​
6. Q. If I downgrade a building in the headquarters do i get the resources I used to build it back?
A. No, you don't get the resources back.​

7. Q. Is the amount in you hiding place also in your warehouse or is it extra space?
A. It is also in your warehouse, definitely not extra space.​

Diplomacy and Tribes

8. Q. How do I accept the invitation to a tribe?
A. When you click on tribe you see all the invitations to tribes that you have received. If you are still member of another tribe you have to leave that tribe first.
(see question 9)​

9. Q. How do I leave my tribe?
A. There is a button right on top of the private announcement on the tribe overview page.
If you are the only duke of your tribe you have to either promote somebody else to duke or disband the tribe.​
10. Q. I am in a tribe and want to make an ally or declare war or create a NAP (Non-Aggression-Pact) with another tribe, how do I do this?
A. Firstly you have to be a Duke in your tribe, then click, Tribe > Diplomacy > Then type in the tribe Tag (not the name)
and select Ally, NAP or Enemy then click ok.​
11. Q. Can I declare war with my tribe on one person?
A. No you can only declare war on a tribe, not one one specific person.
(Of course you can declare war on a person, it's just not possible to mark that person on the map.
But you can write the war into the tribe profile)​


12. Q. How do I make an army?
A. You will need Barracks to build the first kind of troops. Check out the help for more information.
(see question 4 on how to build barracks)​

13. Q. What does support mean?
A. If you send support troops to another village these troops will defend that village if it gets attacked.​

14. Q. How long will my support troops stay in the village I send them to?
A. They stay until they are commanded back.
Both the owner of the supported and the owner of the supporting village can do that.​

15. Q. If I send support to a village, and then attack it do my men fight each other?
A. Yes the will fight against each other​

16. Q. Somebody send me support, but I can't control the troops, why?
A. You can only control troops in their home village. You can't use them to attack from another village.​

17. Q. How far can I attack to plunder resources?
A. Theoretically there is no max but most people don't want to wait too long for their troops to attack and come back.​
18 Q. What is luck?
A. Luck can vary from +25% to -25%. A luck of +25% raises the attackers power by 25%. The luck can not be influenced in any way.​
19. Q. How do battles get calculated?
A. When attacking the unit uses the attack value, when defending the defence value.
The battle is affected by luck and morale (see questions 18 and 3). You can use the simulator to test out a few things,
go to Rally Point > Simulator > then type in everything and see what your chances are.​
20. Q. How would you coordinate an attack? Would you have to send your troops as support to a village then the owner of this village attacks with all the troops?
A. You only can attack somebody with your own troops, and even your own troops have to be in the village they have been built in.
Otherwise big players would be too powerful if they could attack with offensive troops from 10 villages in one attack.
Even if your troops arrive at the same second the attacks are calculated one after the other.​
21. Q. How do you get more than 1 village?
A. You firstly need to educate a nobleman in the academy. Then to lower the loyalty of another village you attack with him and this will
decrease the defenders loyalty by 20-35. As soon as the village's loyalty is under 0, the village changes its owner.
The attacker gets the village and the old owner gets a new little village!​
22. Q. Is the only way to take over villages using nobles, or can you do it by sending enough troops?
A. Only a nobleman can take over a village.​

23. Q. Can I attack/take over an abandoned village?
A. You can do anything with an abandoned village that you can do with any other village.​

24. Q. I just took over a village but I can't control the troops, why?
A. The troops are just supporting the village after a takeover. You have to send them back home to be able to use them for an attack again.​
25. Q. How far can I attack to capture a village with a nobleman?
A. Sometimes we limit the maximum distance for a nobleman attack. This is not implemented on world 1 though.​

26. Q. What happens when my village gets taken over?
A. You get a new village on the outside of the map. So you are between other small villages and not between big players.​

27. Q. What happens when you have troops outside your village and you get nobled?
A. They disappear.​

28. Q. When you get a new village on the outside do you still get protection again?
A. Yes you get your protection again to get you back on your feet. (The duration of the protection might not be the same for all worlds.
It's 5 days for world 1. (​
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