TRIBE: Knights of Cydonia - Continent 14


Hi... would you like to join our tribe - Knights of Cydonia? We are constantly looking for top-quality villages which are growing stronger by the hour. It would be beneficial for all of us to help each other once we grow bigger and bigger.

Our target is to help each other in the game especially during attacks, scouting etc.. and we are trying to build a timely connection between villages to help each other quickly.

I will send you an invite if you wish to join! For the time being we are only looking for villages situated in:

- K12
- K13
- K14
- K21
- K22

Minimum points required to enter is 250 however if your location is next to another member we might decide to accept you with lower points.

Come and join our great community!

Knight Recruiter
Knights of Cydonia

Current Properties:
Tribe name:Knights of Cydonia
Number of members:19
Points of the best 40 players:9.625
Total points:9.625
Average points:506
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