Submitted Tribe Leader Feature - Troop Analysis Feature to view ALL tribe member's troops

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Right now when a tribe leader goes to "Tribe -> Members -> Troops" they can only view the troops of one tribe member at a time. I have been manually inputting all of these into an excel table on player at a time to analyze the troop/point ratio for each player and their villages.

Primary request:
1) Can you please add an option in the drop down menu to show "all members" so that the tribe leaders don't need to select each individual member individually?

Secondary requests:
2) Can you also include the village point value in this troop drop down table so everything I need to analyze the troop/point ratio is on one table and I don't need to flip back and forth?
3) Ideally there would also be a way to export the above player name, village name, village coordinates, and troops counts for each village to a bb table or excel file but that may be asking too much.

Thank you! Keep up the great work!


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This idea is approved for voting. Good luck!