Tribe or Hype?


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Tribe or Hype?

So far the forums haven't been exactly fireworks ... I miss the intelligent debate and shameless propaganda that Tribalwars is known for. After all, everybody can move a mouse over a screen, but this game is - for an important part - also about politics.

Thus, as we proceed to move into the nobling stage and the world slowly begins to settle itself, it might be an interesting exercise to familiarize ourselves some more with the top tribes of the moment. Are they the real deal or will they fizzle out like a night candle? Currently the score is as follows:

Tribe ranks Classic February 15.png

And this is what the world looks like today on February the 15th:

Map top tribes Classic 15 February.png

As I am new to this server, I don't know any of the players and have to go just on gut feelings here. At first glance, I think that Pooga has a very strong position right at the edge of the map. There is definitely some strategic advantage there.

A few words on Magic then. I have no experience with tribes having all these brother- and sister tribes. On the Dutch servers, where I orginate from, family tribes are usually considered to be weak and dishonourable, but I'm aware that different servers have different opinions on tribe size et cetera. So I guess time will tell.

Personally, I have a soft spot for Scary. It seems like there has been put some real thought into the idea for this pre-made and the fact that so many of their players have chosen a name that matches the tribes' theme shows real commitment, at least in my eyes. Also, who doesn't love Pokémon, am I right!? ;)

Well, that was it for my two cents. The floor is all yours!

I invite everyone to share his or her opinions on the state of the world in this thread.

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I think it's already fairly clear who the top contenders this world are going to be. Magic got off to a great start with 2 of their members holding spot 1 and 2 with a commanding lead. The turkish family tribe HUCUM (and 2/3) aren't really showing up yet, despite having a few players high on the leaderboard. AnAsOn is a tribe to be reckoned with as well, some of them have really nice farming stats so I am expecting a boom in their growth very soon.

In my eyes one of the most interesting tribes is Pooga. They have an all-star lineup with some very skilled players. They should have a commanding reign over the Northern rim, if they can bring both their clusters together.

Scary does look scary as well, altho I wonder if they will be able to keep up the momentum. I have no idea which players are behind the aliases, but so far they look promising.

All in all, this world is shaping up to be very interesting. I think over the next few days we'll sadly see a lot of push accounts being nobled/merged which will slant the rankings. But in the long run, things should balance out.

In the current state of affairs, I would put my money on Pooga taking the win.


Any tribe named pooga will fall quickly as pooga is trash