Tribe/Player Countdown


it will drop even more due to world 50 opening and exam for some.


True although I hate to admit it, on the up side though is that the IB (international baccalaureate) exams will be over soon.
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players: 4486 (-76)
tribes: 486 (-6)

Side note: Ever looked through the bottom players and gone "Oh hey i rimmed that guy... Oh him too ^_^... Ohai him too ^^"

wee jock

not having the time to research but as a comparison how does this stack up against other worlds in relation to the time span they have been around for.


according to the statistics (i.e. including players with 0 points):
Number of players: 5.161
Total villages: 188.319

Number of players: 3.728
Total villages: 125.705

Number of players: 5.026
Total villages: 133.875

We are 1300 players behind the worlds on either side of us (the ones that started at a similar time...) therefore players either never joined this world because they didn't like the settings, or left because it was full of barb-munching, point-whoring, NAP-loving family tribes or it could be because everyone on this world is so good we rimmed everyone so quickly. For some reason I don't think it is the last one.

wee jock

Cheers guoah.

Starting to feel a bit guilty now thinking about those bully letters from the start of the game.

I agree with your last point however there are a lot of 10 village players out there who just quit if they loose half of them so there is not even the chance to rim them.


I can understand why people don't stay here. I've been growing around 300K+ players and its going to suck when they start looking at my village. Considering they won't let me in their tribe. So I will just hold out as long as possible, but I will try to make a home in W43. =)

The Zodiac Killer

Will there be an update harb? I'm kinda lazy to check it out myself :(