Tribe World Map+Stats Status Update 2

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This will be done pretty much the exact same as I did on 117 forums.

It will be a simple bi monthly update on world map, runes, top tribes stats. Its not exactly bimonthly, but as close as I can get in terms of time I have to get it together. So +/-2 days or so.

To be included you either had to be a top 10 tribe or 1 million points total. Top 20 isn't really relevant except for the major tribe that will eat them and changes too much. It's up to my discretion based on how the world proceeds on what I will make the requirement. (so top 12 + family tribes) if I missed anything again I'm sorry.


Only new addition should be ERA in the power backline in K53


World Gif since 10/13


Power is #1 I'm just not moving it in order each time so my excel stays easy to manage, it will be at my convivence. Again only difference is Power+horde merge moved them to #1 but the rest of the important tribes 3-6 stayed the same.



When I feel like it I will add family tribes to the percentage, but it is only 4 continents at the time so it doesn't really matter tbh.
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