Tribes to look out for

Discussion in 'World 105' started by Dragu4, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Oh my sweet summer child, I can understand that you think so but you were not there on that faithful day. When the barbs rose against us, when all deemed lost. When the light of the great paladin stopped shining. If you had seen what I have seen, boy, then you would understand.

    Long time ago, when tw was still young, the barbs did not grow at all. They stayed at the same point the whole world and no player payed any attention to them. By that time we didn´t even farm them and there was peace between the players and the barbarian villages. But it wouldn´t take long until they began to act like players, until they started growing. On missions they could even attack players with 1 spear. I knew then that something was fishy about these barbarians, that a day will come when we have to fight them...
    Then it came... The great barbarian sea of v8, where we thought we would loose the whole world to the barbarians.

    One by one I saw sworn brothers fall victims to the barbarians, taking more and more accounts into their wast grey dessert. I saw the grey sickness spread over the map, taking whole continents. We tried to resist them and slaughtered them by the thousands, but for every new barb we killed, two more would pop up. By now there was only a handful of us left, only a handful players against an sea of grey enemies. I was about to give up when I finally reached the end of the map, knowing that their numbers where not limitless. I felt hope once again, we rallied and charged them on all fronts, firing nobles until our fingers bled. The barbarians stopped growing and slowly the sea of grey enemies began to shrink. The day was won, but there were no honor for us that day. No joy. Because so many of our brothers had fallen to the one true enemy, the barbarian villages!

    We still don´t know why they stopped growing, but I swore that day that I would spend the rest of my life hunting them down so that they can never rise like that again, but some day... Some day they might!

    ("true" story btw, almost an whole server went grey)
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    Dafuq you on about ?
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    Wasn't @sir cornish once nobled by a barb?
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    You can ask him in W105 - @ gard345
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    too early Lol
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    Will add that to my "eat if convenient" list.
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