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Never called myself a scientific scholar, I never passed grade school.


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Convenient timing of Wet's leadership departure right when the eye of Obey turned to them, truly for the first time of this worlds duration.

WET / Escape lost the world long before Trex and Babin left. The coalition was more than content with their semi successful ops on the survivors of vape, but all the while never denting the Obey front. They allowed us to clean up every other opponent, each day allowing us to utilize more and more attention and troops to the Wet front rather than to all the backline skirmishes. This was the time we were all waiting for, and before we could even have the satisfaction of engaging our world long rival with a proper op, Trex and co did us dirty for the final time and vacated their positions. All world they did a tremendous job holding us back, but deep down they knew thats the best they could do. Granted, at times, things didn't look so clear, but i don't think there was really any doubt this would eventually be the outcome (at least on our side and for the non naive on the other, imo). I applaud Jake and Trex for holding out for as long as they did, achieving all that they did. Idk many players that could have done what they were able to do, especially with what they had to work with. Let's see what the next chapter brings.


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I remember talking to a member in Defy after we had exchanged a few nukes in a brief border war (probably 2 months before Obey actually tried starting taking Defy out). We came to the conclusion that if Defy fell, Obey would win the world. Obey couldn't win a war on both sides (Wet/Escape on one side, Defy/Apex on the other). Wet/Escape simply took too long to start running full ops on their front with Obey and didn't support arguably the most important tribe in the entire war- Defy. Had they been hammering that front regularly, it would have made taking out defy much harder, even more so if Defy had good front line stacks/help from Wet/Escape. Would have also meant that Obey would have had to continue to split defensive troops between the two fronts, weakening both fronts.

When defy fell, Obey had the ability focus everything- the largest tribe, just over 30 accounts that made for easy coordination- onto one front for the first time in the world.

Having been in Obey, that was always our goal. We all looked forward to the day where we were only fighting on one front, knowing that we would be able to put up a serious fight then. Many players were irritated by the slow loss of former Vape players to Wet, and the former Wise members (recruited into Obey) in the north to Escape, but we knew that day was coming.

You can also see three front line DRY! accounts are super inactive. Diane Kruger has not posted any activity in 2 days, Krytger has not posted any activity in over 3 days, and turtle bear is over 35 days now.

Meh has a few inactive it looks like too. Watercolour and i click you bi, maybe even bustter too.
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In my casual reading, I've come across as gem.
As a scholar, I find the coalition's statistics manipulation fascinating.
Never called myself a scientific scholar, I never passed grade school.
Oh the irony :D

How am I not surprised about any of this given your actions in the past?

I hope you can get over whatever issues you have in your life. I genuinely mean this to anyone who has to go through these sort of things as it's not a good place to be.
I finally get why you continually need to go out of your way to pester or as you love to call it "Bully" me through multiple world forums & why the silly award meant so much to you :D So I'll have some fun with ya if thats what you want. That's why I'm here campaigning on w96 forums to achieve the dream....



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Is the dictatorship Leadership means only 1 player decides for everything?

or does he have someone giving him advice?

can someone clarify this for me please.....please
Trex decided everything and up set a lot of people i did manage to ease him, off every now and again but he would very rarely listen.


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As regards to this I would like to make one point though spyker would of agreed with Trex on all those decisions for internals.

the nemesis123

There may come a day when DA wins forum personality

Not sure how this is relevant to the topic but I hope that day never arrives.

What I have done to offend you James though to the point that you'd randomly come to a world you don't even play and flame me for no reason? Unsure of even the context to this.
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