TT-MoW recruiting in K57 and sourrounding K's

The Weasel Lord

message me in game for an invite. we are a growing tribe and part of a very large alliance led by experienced players. Team Templar was formed on world 5.

looking for members above 2000 points at the moment.

we also have room for players below 2000 points in other divisions.


Any1 joining this tribe in K57 will be targetted by WORD. Haha. XD :axemen: :axemen: :axemen:


Can I join? I know how to attack with :spear::spear::spear:


Hey, u sad that u looking for 2000 and below ... I'm 102 points ( and growing ) at the moment, but to be honest a played a lot about 6 months ago and I was very active in my tribe, but now I liked to change server and start from the beginning. I know I can't send a lot of troops and things, but tbh. I don't ask for them too ;) I know I'm a low point village but please accept me :D And btw im in K60 and you sad that you looking for villages near K57 and I think it's near but not so near :S
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