yea timmish i thought so. my mate nwalsh20 was in ur tribe until it split up. i took control of his account till near the end because of his exams.

do you guys all want to start up a new world. next one or something. and just start up in same place etc.. and try to conquer that one?

Most the players here are old dinosaurs and no where near good enough to conquer a new world, nevermind survive it.

Survival in an old world does not = skill.

Casus Belli

Awwww, you did well on 53 till you got distracted by 15.


Who me?

We did ok, given the circumstances. 47 was probably our best one though.

and I keep meaning to say that you for my xmas present, but never catch you on skype :icon_sad:


Yeah, was perm'd for a significant amount of time.
And possibly, I played W54 for a while*

Oh hai Bloody :3

Fix'd, don't know why I wrote what I did.
Oh true, yeah I remember nwalsh being there. Too bad we ultimately failed.

(waves at willow :))