Turtle and Cruel should end their alliance


That's just one of the options they have used to dumb down this game. Farming assistant, Account Manager, one button attack tagger, or the newest feature: we'll balance your resources for you!!!

It's dumbed down the game so much that I'm surprised Inno hasn't launched the "will snipe nobles for PP" feature yet. Getting your account catted to dirt in the past could cause players more grief than even nobling them. Now? AM and forget it.

I will be glad to see this world close, it's not the same game I truly liked to play years ago :icon_cry:

I'd be rolling in the dough by now...


So the title

Why hasnt this happened yet? Cruel and Turtle are ruining the spirit of the game


So the title

Why hasnt this happened yet? Cruel and Turtle are ruining the spirit of the game

How are they? They've been allied since day one, why would they go against eachother now


Most are correct tho , most players want to end this world and retire from TW , the game has changed way to much at least for the old school guys, the new players are clueless to the epic fights that once was.

These "fights" and "Wars" you speak of were fun at one time but TW has changed the game now and noone wants to sit in front of a pc 24/7 and burn them self's out fighting stalemate battles. Skills that once were useful have gone to having 3-4 co-players and money to burn to win these fights. You claim that being bored has made most quit.. I would argue that, as this is normally just a excuse people use when they come under massive attacks and can't sit online 24/7 or they realize that they have been outplayed and the fight is won before it starts so they use the "game is boring" excuse.

So you say the new guys are clueless to the epic fight but refuse to have epic fights?

The game has changed but it is mostly the so called elite players that changed it along with tw for rewarding these so called elite players.

The best players went to 2 tribes and refuse to fight each other and that happens on most worlds, the experienced players go to a few select tribes and then ally with the other experienced players, then quit because of boredom and moan the game has changed from the old days where wars were fought.

Along with the fact that the new players start at a disadvantage, they do not have flags, achievements and resources along with less experience. Then a number of elite players start on a few accounts and merge to become a big account meaning the new players are at a size disadvantage and less time as they usually do not co.

But most elite players moan saying it is not there fault or any of the elite players fault, it is the fault of tw for allowing this and it has made the game boring. Well tw does allow this but i have to say the experienced players can choose to play in the way they want to play.

It is the community killing the game as well as the changes.