TW-CHAMP round 3

King Banana

- Nwaro has been revoked from the tournament because he has gone grey. Therefore he can not be a TW-Champion of world 90.
- Votes without a comment will not count.

Hey guys,
I wanted to bring a competition we do on the Norwegian servers.

Please do not discuss in this post, then it will only be used for voting. It is created a separate thread for debating.

So the point of this is to vote the player you think deserves to go to the next round.
There will be head to head matches, which is drawn randomly.
There will be 5 rounds (top 32 players) to decide who will stand as the TW-Champion on world 90 so far.
Everyone should put aside what tribe they are in, and vote based on players achievement. By experience this competition is not fun when people are only voting on their own tribe members, but when people put their feelings aside, it gets exciting!

- When there is 8 players (quarter finals) left, votes without comment for your choice of vote will not count.
- Voting will be closed exactly 4 days after the round is announced.
- No forum account created after 01.01.2017 will count.
- Only 1 vote per player.
- If a person is caught cheating the person will loose his voting power for the entire competition.
------ If the person caught cheating is a part of the competition he will be disqualified.

If you suspect someone of cheating please contact me per mail.

How to vote:
player 1 vs player 2
You use bold text on the player you wish to have your vote.
Here is the third round:
Hydra of lerna vs Trex
RazorShark vs King Banana
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx

Picture of the tournament tree:

Good luck to all the players, let the judging begin!

King Banana

Hydra of Lerna vs Trex - Hydra of Lerna account was beaten down by BiP in one OP. He fleed the account and passed the sit. After all the "come at me bro" he wrote in a skype chat I was in, I must say I am very dissapointed.
RazorShark vs King Banana - Own match wont vote
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Trustmeimlying is negative 11 villages in war caps in the big world war, Majestee on the other hand has a positive 52 war caps (82) total against TEA. Aswell beeing ODA rank two, my vote will go to Majestee.
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx - F.K.A has hold a hard front against TEA for a long time. Even back since Ants family existed. He is ODA rank 17, ODD rank 6 and ODS rank 2. Beeing a solid front line player which has hold the forth against the front where TEA has put most off their pressure.


Trex, Hydra is in list? Thats disgusting. Trex have good skills as timing.

King Banana, great leader and great strategist. As his game skills are very good.

Majeste, great frontline pusher nukes non stop and he can op people alone :p trust me is defender at this stage and it doesnt help tea

F.K.A, active and helpful with everything he got. Never lets his friends down + owner is turkish

Lost One

Hydra of lerna vs Trex - Trex is a good account, defends and attacks well, but was a hard choice.
RazorShark vs King Banana - Another tough choice, But King B has some awesome ODA, and war stats
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Always Rocking everything everywhere , crazy strong
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx Dont mess with FKA , you will meet unlimited stacks and lvl 20 walls :)


Hydra of lerna vs Trex - will not vote on this one
King Banana vs Razor shark - Toughest match up for me, if you had to ask me a month ago it would have been King Banana but seems to have taken his foot off and let others do the carrying in BiP and hard to argue against rank one and with 126-3 in total war score in TEA Razorshark takes for me.
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Another hard one, Trustmeimlying has been great throughout this world against BiP and has definitely shown their worth, however Majestee seems to be a cut above most other players.
F.K.A vs Xabadonx - Omar is a beast, may be underrated by BiP as his focus has been elsewhere but with such a consistently high ranking while solo and less internals in total than FKA has in the last week alone I don't see how you can't vote for him.

As an aside. Would be nice if people didn't vote 100% for their own tribe as it defeats the purpose of this


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Trex because Jake is bae.

Razor. It's bad form KB, please respect the account owners request to be called RazorDolphin in this thread. Even though his name is incorrectly entered, Mike still edges it.

Trustme <3 great tribe players and haven't been broken despite the pressure. Gg.

Xabadonx crushing infamy's dreams daily.


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tREx. Anyone but hydra
Razor. Opposite of a hard choice
Trust Me Trip is Bae
Abbadon. Anyone can stack and pp walls:oops:


Hydra of lerna vs Trex - because Hydra failed completly.
RazorShark vs King Banana - he has the biggest banana.
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Respected player.
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx - abbadon pping walls up..


abbadon pping walls up..
I am probably the only account in the top 15-top 10 to not use PP. Don't worry Mystery I dont know you and heck never will but because you say such a thing just makes you another one of those haters.

I need more haters because the old ones started worshiping me.

Hydra of lerna vs Trex - TreX can 1vWholeWorld if he wants and if time lets him.
RazorShark vs King Banana - Be careful of the shark, sharks bite.
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - ROB YOU BETTER GET THAT BEARD BACK CAUSE BEARD GAME IS STRONG. I choose this because even though I love the trustme account and love all the guys on that account I would have to choose that northern beard over this </3
F.K.A vs xabbadonx - I never vote for myself but because it is against my ex-lover F.K.A. Why am I still in this? (still waiting for that logger bae <3)


Hydra of lerna vs Trex - Easy match, Trex is a really good player and the only player who is carrying TEA. Dont like all the internals (TEA is only feeding on internals tho), but thats a part of the game...

RazorShark vs King Banana - One of the best accs on this world, all players on ac is really good and would crush almost anyone in a 1v1

Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Trusme has some big stacks and thats all i think? Majestee have been a beast on this world, smashing everything in their way. Easy vote imo.

F.K.A vs Xabbadonx - The hardest of these 4, but not very hard. Abba has done some work against small easy tribes, but that issent enough to beat FKA imo. He had one of the most hard positions to hold, and he is holding it with style.

And for info people. This contest is based on actions made on this world only. I see people voting VERY weird here :p


Hydra of lerna vs trex - no explanation needed here i guess
RazorShark vs King Banana- Great leader and excellent war stats
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - you guys are killing it
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx- have Done more if you look at both offence and defence in my opinion


Trex - not so much easy but his war stats... hmm! Merging 2 win(but losing)!
KB - Horrible too
Majestee - Real horrible offensive player
F.K.A - How dare compare with me someone!! I have so many P.P and Good sniping skills and 24/7 play time :D, and Achievement! i only played 2 server (w88, w90) but my achievement ranking is no.2 (no.1 is trex)


TreX. cuz hydra laughed at my defenses the day before we op'd him. he sed.. "lol.. how do u still survive? jejejejeje"
and even if Trex has small hands. he cares for animals

Banana - cuz i rather eat banana than get eaten by sharks. seriously?

And banana never fails.. it Always has its Plan B (Plan Banana for long). Do you know how KingB got his banana to 10inches? He cut his banana in half. Yes, That's it. That's how long his banana.
About sharks.. they're all over the sea, they're like warts you can't get rid of them.
But bananas can get rid of warts! Those keen on natural alternatives swear that if you want to kill off a wart, take a piece of banana skin and place it on the wart, with the yellow side out. carefully hold the skin in place with a plaster or surgical tape!


Trustmeimlying = Majestee
trustmeimlying is an honest person, you can always trust him that he's lying. Application? Never trust him when he's telling the truth. Better Trust TreX. "In TreX, We Trust" <-That he gonna bring you to ruin.

majestee, no comment. "You see them rollin, they hatin"

F.K.A. no doubt. because i do not know abaddon, and what the heck is with those "XX" before and after his name? (i don't get it.)
FkA? what does it stands for? i do not know obviously, would be good if he could tell me. But let me suggest this acronym for him since this is the last person to be voted. (always saves the best for last) I'm only gonna put some tags, DIZ IZ! FocKinAwesome!!!!
P.S. I forgot to not google the word FKA or you gonna see more than your worst nightmare.
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Hydra of lerna vs Trex - Trex is a complete beast.
RazorShark vs King Banana - Haven't seen too much from RazorShark yet, while KB is rank 1 in ODA
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Close call, but I think that Majestee has showed more of his potentiall on this world.
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx - Omar has been killing the Infamy war with barely any tribal support, F.K.A is relying on tribe support and that's why I put Omar over him. Omar also has a better cap ratio in the Infamy war than Fka has in the TEA war, even though he has a higher ODD.
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Hydra of lerna vs Trex - Hydra is a p****y
RazorShark vs KingBanana - King hasn't done anything lately seems he let others do the job :D Will go with Shark
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Total dominance :D
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx - Omar is a beast :D Really good player and you are underestimating him. Plus I have not heard the best for FKA :D


Hydra of lerna vs Trex
This is pretty self explanatory,
RazorShark vs King Banana
Although he's slowed recently King has demolished TEA throughout the war whereas razor has done very little
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying
Trustme sems to have struggled against BiP whereas Majestee is another of BiP's powerhouse's
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx
Both have performed well in the wars however i think abbadon just wins it for me performing slightly better


Hydra of lerna vs Trex
RazorShark vs King Banana War stats by caps: KB - 1st; RazorShark - 47th
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx War stats by caps: F.K.A - 8th ; XabbadonX - 80th


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F.K.A vs Xabbadonx War stats by caps: F.K.A - 8th ; XabbadonX - 80th
You're just looking at a war which Abaddon isn't even involved?

Infamy War stats. Get your facts before you vote please. That goes for everyone.


Hydra of lerna vs Trex (it's pretty obvious why...)
RazorShark vs King Banana (KB seems pretty quiet lately)
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying (close one but i think i'll pick Trust,they both equally deserve it)
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx (Omar is a beast)