TW-CHAMP round 3


Hydra of lerna vs Trex - Obvious as to why no?
RazorShark vs King Banana - Mike has been playing this world solo, KB account has how many coplayers?
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - I think both offensively and defensively the guys on trustmeimgarbage have shown their capabilities, which I believe outweight majestee.
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx - Yup, voted a BiP player, proven time and time again they're a solid fl player - good job.


Hydra of lerna vs Trex - Hydra sniped some of my trains. Trex never did. My vote goes to Hydra.
RazorShark vs King Banana - Stats prove themselves. The fact that Razorshark is 4-2 against BiP. Yes Razor is rank 1, but Razor is only rank 35 OD, and KB rank 7. Sounds like a lot of internals to me.
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Imo can go both ways, the fact that Trustme hasnt been able to gain anything on BiP makes my vote go to Majestee.
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx - I discussed this matchup with a few guys from Tea. My vote goes to F.K.A because in my opinion he has had a much rougher path to where he is now, he has had a rougher frontline. I don't think Abba is a bad player at all, rumours tells me he is really good, but I do belive FKA is superfkingood.


if i have only offensive. yeah. i can be rank 1

My Ods is 13,34 Mil

isnt it nice? someone says me that i always be supported

then my ods is maybe nothing lol

thats why i am "The untouchable defensive guys"


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Hydra of lerna vs Trex
RazorShark vs King Banana
Majestee vs Trustmeimlying
F.K.A vs Xabbadonx


Trex - He has led TEA pretty well throughout this world; arch manipulation of other tribes to keep the TEA family going and is a very efficient sniper. Hydra did not stand up to the first real attack he came under so no contest between these choices.
KB - Has also led BIP extremely well and is always looking for a weakness in the enemy to exploit. Razorshark has done well for a single account player and is not afraid to stick his fins into the front lines so I guess there is more to come, but most of the growth appears to have come from internals so far. KB shades it for his all round performance to date.
Trustmeimlying - Sorry BIP, Majestee is awesome in attack, but having fought directly with trustme for a couple of months, I respect his sometimes last ditch defence of K55 and the constant faking/nuking of his enemies, which have shown him to be a good all round player.
F.K.A - I don't know xabbadonx,but he must be a decent player to have got to this stage of the competition. I will go with F.K.A, because he held back the tide in the west at a critical time. Yes he was supported, but surely that is just good tribal mechanics, just like all the account jumps done by certain TEA players to stop other TEA and academy players getting spit roasted under attack (just like Nicki said above)


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Hydra of lerna vs Trex - After Hydra's bust a little while ago, this is an easy pick

RazorShark vs King Banana - Despite Murph trying to brag on Razorshark's war caps, he only has 4 against BiP and one was recapped. He needs more stats against a skilled opponent to show his worth. King Banana has demonstrated that he can take villages in an actual major war.

Majestee vs Trustmeimlying - Looking at stats I have to give Majestee the nod here. Trustme has a net total of 12 caps (villages he kept) in the BiP war. Majestee has far more.

F.K.A vs Xabbadonx - This is a more difficult choice. XAbbadonX ranks high for OD as well as F.K.A. XAbbadonX wins in ODA for sure. However, XAbbadonX's war caps against Infamy are mostly from the southern cluster that was basically surrounded and cut off from the main tribe and so I don't weigh those caps as heavily as I do F.K.A.'s against a more solid TEA front. F.K.A. has more caps against BiP than XAbbadonX has against Infamy. I do not discredit XAbbadonX's skills but as things stand right now I have to give F.K.A. the nod.