TW-Champ round two rematch

King Banana

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Rematch: Lost One vs Trustmeimlying

Voting closes: 25.03 - 13:03

Hey guys,
here is round two.

Please do not discuss in this post, then it will only be used for voting. It is created a separate thread for debating.

So the point of this is to vote the player you think deserves to go to the next round.
There will be head to head matches, which is drawn randomly.
There will be 5 rounds (top 32 players) to decide who will stand as the TW-Champion on world 90 so far.
Everyone should put aside what tribe they are in, and vote based on players achievement. By experience this competition is not fun when people are only voting on their own tribe members, but when people put their feelings aside, it gets exciting!

- When there is 8 players (quarter finals) left, votes without comment for your choice of vote will not count.
- Voting will be closed exactly 4 days after the round is announced.
- No forum account created after 01.01.2017 will count.
- Only 1 vote per player.
- If a person is caught cheating the person will loose his voting power for the entire competition.
------ If the person caught cheating is a part of the competition he will be disqualified.

If you suspect someone of cheating please contact me per mail.

How to vote:

You use bold text on the player you wish to have your vote.

Here is the first round:
Nwaro vs Hydra of Lerna
Trex vs Dread Doctors
RazorShark vs L0v3r5
Multiple Wargasms vs King Banana
Majestee vs Kreiz
Lost One vs Trustmeimlying
F.K.A vs Eight Devils
Xabbadonx vs Awzrocks

Picture of the tournament tree:

Good luck to all the players, let the judging begin!


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TrustMe - I've known the players on the account since W80 and in my opinion they are some of the best I had pleasure playing with. It's a hard call as Lost One is continue to prove he deserved to be in the top of players as well. But the winner can be only one, such is life.
We are giving votes by looking w90 not w80 and I am sure Lost One doing better than him in this world...

Seven Devils

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Don't even understand how trustme has gotten this far, he is pure and utterly shit at tw. I mean, he knows how to stack his villages by using the request support button & internal and barb noble, and noble people who is new at the game.

Other then that?

There is the link, you tell me straight up he is good enough to pass lost one, but beware, i might have a laugh on you as well.

Lost one is actually nobling his enemies, contributing to save BiP from Tea's assaults all around. This is the kind of player that makes a tribes core, without lost one i don't think FKA,law and many others would be left standing. Has done much MUCH more then trustme has ever done on this world.

So, when i put my vote it won't be because i am just a BiP member.

Lost one has my vote, trustme can continue with the internals.

/Gow, the evil part of SD
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Lost one - Trustmeimlying

Agree with everything Seven said above. Lost has been one of BiP's most vital players so far with the constribution he does to the tribe.