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MDKangas original post.
[SPOIL]hey everyone, just wanted to mention that has received some major work since this last post. you can checkout the YouTube at it's a 6-7 minute overview of the site.

simply put, it's SlowTarget's ScoutReportEvaluator to the extreme and then some.

based on the old post, a copy/paste is no longer required. data can still be shared. a farm finder has been added. villages can still be independently configured plus an account level global configuration is now available. currently works for and servers.

thanks and happy farming.

PATCH: 01/01/2010
- the farm finder now allows you to set the max number of farms that will be assigned to a villlage
- you are now able to copy village configurations to other villages

^^^^ NEW STUFF ^^^

I have created a new utility. It's mission in life is to help ACTIVE PLAYERS increase their farming efficiency by calculating and estimating a farms available resources from the data obtained through scouting reports (level 2+). copy/paste your scouting reports into the utility and it will track what resources you have taken from a village and based on the size of the warehouse and wood/clay/iron production, it will give you an estimate of the resources available at any time. however!!! these are based on your data. if someone else grabs the resources before you get there. well, your out. but, that's where report sharing comes in!

the other bonus is that you may share your reports with others. in doing so, you and the people you choose to share your reports can see each others activity (but, only for the farms you have in common!). so, you will be able to see if a village in your area has already been farmed or not. if your neighbor (who would also need an account) grabbed the resources from a common farm while you were sleeping, you can simply skip that village and not waste any of your time!

the more consistently you use it, the better your results. there is a sample farm report to click and view on the homepage to help get a better idea of what i'm trying to accomplish. it works very well for me and a buddy who uses it religiously as well. - some day when the site grows up, i will buy a real domain name

p.s. - thanks to the TW people for giving me permission to bring my utility to all of you. i hope you find it useful.[/SPOIL]

Tool taken over by Bykenhulle

[J] - TW Farm Report a.k.a TWFR

What is TWFR trying to accomplish?
Increasing your tribal wars farming efficiency to get more resources per hour!

TWFR is a dynamic scripting utility. It works by using a single script to record scouting report data to TWFR. That data is then used to estimate the number of resources in your farms. In turn, that allows TWFR to calculate the most efficient number of troops to send to pick up those resources. The script ran from a report to feed TWFR data is the same script used from a rally point to fill in the number of troops and destination coordinates.

Every one of your villages can be configured independently. For every village, you may choose what troops you want to send, which ones you don't, how many troops to leave for defense, set the criteria for how many resources are hauled, how far away your troops are allowed to travel, whether to use Rams on walls and whether to use the inbuilt 'Farm Shaper'.

One huge advantage of TWFR is that you may share your report data with your in-game neighbors! Get your in-game neighbors to sign up for an account and get them setup as a 'friend'. As you submit farm report data, your 'friend's are able to use that data (and vice versa). If your 'friend' empties out a farm that you both have in common. When you send out troops to farm, TWFR recognizes that your 'friend' already emptied that farm you have in common and skips sending any troops at all! To add a friend, go to [Account] and then [Friends].

TWFR also stores all the attack ID's from the reports that are uploaded, TWFR will try to find the tribal wars attack that happened before and after. It will then generate an estimated attack time of when this attack was launched. Using this information you would then be able to identify the attack that was launched against you while you were not online. (Unfortunately it has been reported that this is not currently working correctly). To try out the Attack ID Calc go to [Utilities] and then [AttackID Calculator].

Setup Guide

1. Go to [Login] and [Create an Account]. Log in to your account.

  • Username - Enter the name you want to use within TWFR.
  • Password / Verify Password - as usual please make it secure!
    • If you want to update your password, just come back here once logged in!

  • Email - Your address will never be displayed and I will never give this address out. It will simply be used for site update/patch notifications.
  • Default Server - TWFR is capable of keeping track of any number of servers (language version) that you play on. When you login the server you select here is the one that will show up as the default.
  • Time Adjustment - The time adjustment setting is so that reports generated by TWFR will adapt your time zone. I am in the central time zone and have set my adjustment to '-7 hours'. Therefore, reading reports that were sent at 4am server time will display to me as being sent at 9pm.
  • Default World - TWFR is capable of keeping track of any number of worlds that you play on. When you login and go to the [Villages] page, the world you select here is the one that will show up as the default.
  • Report Options
    • After submitting report, click '>>' link
    • After submitting report, click '<<' link
    • After submitting report, delete it
    • After submitting report, do nothing
    • The above options are fairly self-explainatory, but you must remember thatby changing this setting, you will need to recreate your [In-Game Script] bookmark.)

2. Go to [Villages] and then click [In-Game Script]. A pop-up window with the script you will be using will appear. Copy the entire text that appears in the window. (Windows users can use CTRL+A, CTRL+C)

3. If you use premium, then just create a new Quick Bar link. If you do not and are a non-prem user just create a new, easily accessible bookmark in your internet browser, and paste (Windows users can use CTRL+V) the script's text you’ve just copied, into the "Location" of the bookmark. The "Name" is up to you, but the location must contain the script’s text. (Here is what the bookmark properties should look like in FireFox).

Here is where I placed the bookmark in my browser (remember "easily accessible"?):

4. Go into [Villages] and click on [Farm Finder]

  • World - Select the world that you want to use the script on, if the world is not in the list make sure you have selected the correct language version. This can be changed via the flag next to the donate button.
  • In-Game Username - This is your TW username.
  • Map Size - How far out do you want your farms to be?
  • Maximum Farm Count - How many farms do you want each of your villages to have, if you find that 1 village gets ALOT more farms than others, it will be because that village is closer to those farms. A way to minimise this is to run farm finder several times with a low max farm count, such as '5'. (Make sure you tick 'Keep Exsisting Farms' on subsequent farm finder runs).
  • Farm Point Range - How big (or small) do you want your farms to be? This is an ideal way to get the smaller players still on your map as farms. (Make sure you tick 'Include Player Owned' if you want players vills as farms).
  • Keep Exsisting Farms - Need more farms but are happy with your current ones, this tick box is for you!
  • Include Player Owned - Problem? Have a number of smaller players pinching your farms? Solution? Farm them as well!!

After clicking the 'Submit' button, you will then be forwarded to a page which displays all your villages (This is where you can select what villages you want farms to be assigned to).

For now, leave this page as is and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Submit' button. You will be returned to the [Villages] page. By clicking on any village, you will now be able to see a map representation of your village and the farms (represented in gray) that were assigned to it.

5. When you create your account, a 2-Step configuration was automatically created (Global Configs). To view go to [Account] and then [Village Configuration Template] this will be used for all your villages. You can add and adjust this to suit your desired method of farming.

However, you can also create custom configurations for each village. To do this, go into [Villages] (on TWFR) and click on your village name. Go into [Script Configuration] and then [Create Configuration]. Here you can select the desired farming configuration (Local Configs).

Configurations are the most important part to farming with TWFR. Configurations are what allow you to set your own criteria for every village. This is where you tell TWFR what farms to skip, what troops to send, how far troops are allowed to travel, whether to send rams at a wall or whether to use the 'farm shaper' and send cats at a building. Everything!!!

TWFR determines how to send troops out for farming in this way...

  • Order all the farms for the current village from closest to farthest distance
  • Take the closest village and step through each configuration for the village starting from the top of the list and working down.
  • If the criteria set by the first configuration does not match the status of the farm. Skip the configuration and try the next one.
  • TWFR then works down the list of configurations until it finds one that matches. When a configuration's criteria matches that of the farm. That will be the one to be used to determine how many troops to send.
  • The next check is that there are enough troops in the village to actually grab the resources. If so, the calculation is made to determine how many to send. If enough troops are not available, the configuration then fails and TWFR moves onto the next one.
  • If no configurations pass the tests, no troops are sent to the farm as this time.
  • Get the next closest farm. Return to the beginning of the configuration list and repeat the process again until all farms have been evaluated or all troops that are allowed to be sent and gone.

Below are my Global Configs, you can also find these in the TWFR General Forum.

When adjusting either the Global Configs, or a Local Config follow these steps:

a) Setting Your Config Critea

  • Configuration Name - This can be anything you want it to be!
  • Minimum estimated resources - What is the minimum res that your want your troops to go farming for? 10,000 is the combined minimum amount that I want my farmers to haul, of course someone may beat me to it!!
  • Maximum Haul - what is the maximum res that you want your troops to go farming for? 400,000 is the combined maximum amount that I allow my farmers to haul, this would be 5,000 LC.
  • Maximum Travel Time - How far do you want your troops to travel in search of much needed resources? 12 hours, will cover any distance I will ever need, but this can be set to what ever you like, if you and a neighbour are both farming you could both agree not to farm more than say 2 hours from any village.
  • Last Submitted Report - How up to date do you want the farm information to be, before you no longer send your farmers in? Less the 96 hours means that if a report is 97 hours old, then this configuration will be bypass and no troops will be sent.

b) Dynamic Units

Checking a box for a unit type will enable the system to use that type of troop for farming from this village. When you check the box, the textbox to its right will become enabled. This number will allow you to NOT use a specified number of that troop type. For instance, having 1000 'Spearman' in a village and checking the 'Spearman' box below will allow all 1000 spearman to be used for farming. However, putting 400 in the textbox to the right will limit the system to using 600 of the 1000 spearman for farming.

c) Static Units

The setting below is not effected by any other variables of the system. If a farm fits the criteria above, the number of scouts below will be sent. (Eventually, all other troops will be added here, this will allow for the weaker farming units to have an escort sent along).

d) Seige

  • Cats, this is where the 'Farm Shaper' comes into play.
    • Select '0' - Farm Shaper is turned off and Cats are not used.
    • Select '1' - Farm Shaper is turned on and Cats will be sent based on a pre-defined list of buildings, the amount of Cats used should take down the building 5 levels. (Eventually this list will be user defined).
    • Select '2' - Farm Shaper is turned on, but Cats will only be sent to demolish or lower 5 levels of the wall.
    • If the number of Cats available is not enough then all available Cats will be sent.
    • If the target is level 5 or below then the system will send the number of Cats required to demolish the target.

  • Rams, enough rams (if available) will be sent to lower the wall by 5 levels. If the number of Rams available is not enough then all available Rams will be sent. If the target is level 5 or below then the system will send the number of Rams required to demolish the target.
  • Wall Level, setting this will determine the level of the wall that will trigger the Rams or Cats to be sent. i.e. If set to level 3 no Rams or Cats will be sent unless a level 4 wall is detected.

Once you are done, hit submit. (note: a village configuration (Local Config) overrides the account configuration (Global Config). so, by creating a village configuration, the account configuration will not be used)

Repeat a --> d for each configuration you wish to setup.

6. Now to the magical part! Go to your "Rally point" in Tribalwars, and hit the QuickBar Link / Bookmark you setup back in point '3' ..… TA DAAAA! You should see the troop boxes & farm coordinates filling in auto-magically. Click "Attack" and then "Ok". Hit the bookmark again to repeat the process once you’re back in the "Rally point". It will continue filling in the information until you have no more farming locations or farming troops left.

Note: If 'Farming Shaping' you can auto select the building for the cat target by clicking the script again when on the confirmation screen.

Important: Every single new (farming) report that comes in, must be "read" with the script, so once a new report comes in, view the report and click on the script’s bookmark.

7. As the reports come in, view them, and hit your quickbar link / bookmark once for each report. Once the site has received the information, it returns a script to move to the next report for you. Continue hitting the bookmark until all new reports are done. Go to [Villages] and select any village which you have submitted a report. You should be able to see a number on each farm, which has had a report submitted, with a number of the estimated resources.

Additional notes:
*The script takes many calculations into account, and attempts to choose the best farming location, according to resource amount, travel time etc.
*The script supports multiple villages. In order to register a new village, all you need to do is run the script on a farming report sent from that village, or run farm finder.
*The script will not send troops to farming locations which already have troops en-route in the "Rally point".


Bookmark Setup for the [In-Game Script]
Configuration - Part 1
Configuration - Part 2

I think that is everything, but if I update something, spot something missing or spot something incorrect I will update this post as needed.

Any issues, feel free to contact me here on the forum or via PM, via the forums on TWFR or by Skype (Bykenhulle).

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been putting in some huge work into it lately. got a domain of, added forums so that i can get some direct feedback, and added the ability to submit report data directly via an idea from the Scout Report Evaluator. also, each of your villages can have multiple custom criteria to build dynamic farming scripts so that even your script farming can be done with the utmost efficiency. i am putting together a site video to give people an idea of the "flow" of data. but, if you are willing to tinker and just 'try it out', things seem to be rollin' pretty well.


i created a simply video and posted the link on the homepage. hope this helps to clear up the sites functionality and you can see how well it works when used diligently. again, it's all about efficient script farming.


sorry to tell you, but there is a script tha already does this, so this would only help non prem players.


yea, i incorporated some of what that thing does into mine. however, that scout evaluator is quite static and can not incorporate the sharing of reports with your neighbors :)

King Arturus

Quicker though. Can you write a script to send info to your site instead of copy and pasting it? Then I probably use it.


yes, there is a script to report directly from in-game. i also created a script to click the '>>' button for me to go from report to report. so, i just click back and forth between my bookmarks and i get all my reports into the system fast and in a hurry.


i will post a help video for this one soon! i have wedding stuff to attend coming up. so, will try to crank this one out this weekend.
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It's a nice site.
Some questions/suggestions:
- When having sent all troops, you can just continue from another village without that the script resets back to the first farm, right?
- You should add the feature to automatically include rams when the farm has a wall.
- And when the report shows troops in the village, it should either send more troops, or allert that the village is defended.
- It would also be great if it had a farm shaper feature, where it would also use the reports to send out cat attacks (separately from the farm runs or not?) that cat the buildings you configured to be catted.


- yes, when it has cycled an alert box pops up and says 'done'. if you have a premium account the script will move to the next village for you.

- rams are auto-included. it's part of the village and/or account configuration. how many to send it up to you.

- the shaper is a suggestion on my list of things to do. it will get done.



- the farm finder now allows you to set the max number of farms that will be assigned to a villlage
- you are now able to copy village configurations to other villages


im getting an error when i try to use the farm finder:

Server Error in '/' Application.

Runtime Error
Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a <customErrors> tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This <customErrors> tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".

etc. . .
is this a problem on my end?
i tried posting this problem on the twfarmreport forum, but strangely enough i got the same error message. everything else works fine for me.
(also, in your forum all threads past the first page are empty.)


(btw, site and script are looking better and better. look forward to new utilities!)


I'm the one who showed it to you lol.

I;ve used this for awhile and have been promoting it in every tribe. It is the best tool in the TW world.


Just wanted to bump this and say what a great tool it is. Saves me hours of work.