TW Stories


Alright people. I'm bored so i decided to tell my tribal wars history. I am very interested in hearing others as well. (please dont flame :icon_sad:)

My Tribal Wars History

I have played in worlds 16, 30, 38, 39, and 42.

In world 16, i started as a complete noob. I had no guidance, and was forced to learn by myself. I was able to stay below the radar of larger players for the first couple of months. Eventually i joined a tribe that was ranked about 60th. Soon after i joined, the leadership went inactive and i managed to take control. (i joined world 30 about this time) Through my leadership, and the decent players that were already in the tribe, we managed to survive to make it rank 23 and have full control of 2 K's. However, at heart i was still a noob. I handed over the reins of the tribe to a more experieced player. Together, we moved the tribe up to Rank 19. However, the tribe soon had trouble. The tribe ranked 2 (literally 60 times bigger) declared war on us, and many members left, including the leader. I found myself at the front of an unwinnable war. Having made it to about 60,000 points, i lost all of my original villages, and just barely retreat from the frontlines to save myself. I never was fully nobled,but i handed over the tribe once again and quit the world.

In world 30, i was still basically a noob. I had gotten down the basics of the game, but the finer points were still a mystery to me. I started off the world in the core by being recruited by the largest tribe in the area. That tribe lasted for a little while, but was soon betrayed by an ally and destroyed. That tribe was merged into another tribe, which happened to be at war with the same tribe that had wrecked my last tribe. I was almost completly nobled, but once again managed to escape. My current tribe was merged into another decent tribe. That tribe was involved in a coalition against the rank 1 tribe. It was painfully obvious that the war couldn't be won. At this point, i was doing well in World 39, so i left. To my knowledge, that war is still going on.

In world 38, i learned my last couple of lessons. I started off by getting gangbanged by several players, one of which was an absolutely amazing player. For the first time, i was forced to quit the world simply because i was beaten. I consider this my biggest loss.

In world 39, i finally knew what i had to do to dominate. I started off owning my area. I made several mistakes, however, and lost way too many troops, which stunted my growth. I contacted the largest Tribe in my K, and convinced them to invite me. I was successful. REBORN became my home. That tribe was doomed to fail, and somehow i landed myself in the T-T. I am there to this day.

In world 42, i'm just starting. I already dominate much of my area, although i am alone in my Teaching Tribe. Gotta love the Rim :icon_twisted:. This world is more of a test, as i dont have the time to play effectively.

Alright guys lets hear your stories now.


I have played W23, 24, 26, 34, 39 + A secret world

I started on W23 and W24 at the same time. Under a different alias. Was in AOW on W23 and quit at 200k as i got bored. At the same time i quit W24 at 250k when my tribe merged with V-V-V, can't remember my tribes name lol.

W26 I was part of the awesome tribe [H]egemony, people like Mark (Incoming Problems/Camarade Popov), Broxi (Herr Pees), New0wnz, Dylan (Cutecuddlypolarbear/Pyrenees) and others were part of this tribe. We lost to inactivity, as half membership moved on due to a combination of RL and a disagreement in leadership..long story. Well i joined Clear! but after a punishment ban saw me lose 1.7 million points worth of villages this world did not seem as bright to me. I played on none the less. I recently quit the other week but am going to return soon when I have the time to. Clear! is still ruling the world and will do for a long time.

W34 I was part of the rO that merged into the sometimes hated/liked DOW Family. We took down the number one tribe there as underdogs...but there would be many who would argue over this. Carlito <3 for one. Osiadus and others...anywya i won't stray from the point. I quit this world due to boredom at 700k but i learnt a thing or two from this.

W39, First world i used this Alias on. I joined over two weeks after world started due to edging on by Mark, Broxi and Dylan. Well i joined with two other [H] members Rawk and Mr Fantastic. (known as Josaph on W26). They were in the phase of quiting TW but they made a bit of a go at it. We formed Lowkey that was linked in with dShokR and were setting up to merge in the future until Hillberries put an end to it with his act (was going to say something to do with bulls but don't want this deleted). Well we warred 82nd and this turned into more of a flame war between me and Sithmeister. We in the end resorted to a strategic merger. Well the rest you could say is history. Until we now.

My secret world is going very well in top few rankings in Points and ODA. We are ruling the world quite easily. I may reveal this world but not until a later date.