TW War maps by Jaysabi


I have launched a blog for TW war maps which track the progress of the top tribes over time. I will be uploading new frames for the maps on a weekly basis, though probably not every world every week. You can access the blog to see the maps at:

Check back weekly for updates, which I make on the weekends. To see what well developed maps look like, check out W4 or W8, the worlds I've been tracking the longest. I also have maps that focus on certain wars in W8 that turned out quite nicely.


nice maps Jaysabi. I like :)

It would be good to be able to slo-mo them a bit cos i'm slow at taking in all the detail, but thanks for doing this.


Good idea. I use half second frames for my longer maps, but when the maps only have a few frames, it's hard to see changes. I will change them to full second pauses next time I update the maps, but in the mean time, I am creating and uploading maps for the rest of the worlds.


Perfectionist coming through:

black: LoL
white: AtenCE
purple: REB-M
blue: LWS
yellow: AtenRX
green: reb-h
lt blue: tw
orange: EleAud
Reckon you could use capitals etc for tribe name and color?

Not to mention for me on opera the map far right edge is cut by a few pixels due to the dimensions on the page?

Not sure if it does it in other browsers, but you might want to expand the width so the gif/map fits in perfectly.

Otherwise what hooch said and tis good :)


Never used Opera, the dimensions fit on IE and Firefox though, which are the two browsers I use. As for the tribe names, I kept the capitalization format the way the tribe made it. I figured it would be better to keep the formatting how the tribes intended, but I may consider making tribe names pure caps in the future.

Audience of One

I would guess he meant putting the colors with a capital in the start.